To make the most of Halo Scythe's potential, you must make significant adjustments to the Faith scaling it uses. This is because the Faith scaling of Halo Scythe has a low level of power when you first obtain the Elden Ring Armor. In addition, the person wielding the Greatsword needs to have a Dexterity score of 22 and a Strength score of 20 to utilize it to its full potential.

When used, Miquella's Ring of Light is a weapon skill that, in addition to dealing with holy damage, envelops the target in a ring of light and encircles them in a circle of illumination. You can only increase its power by improving your Faith, and you will only be able to cast halos permanently if you have sufficient points in both stamina and Faith.

Because the Halo Scythe has a Physical Damage rating of 118, it can deliver heavy charge attacks that can potentially kill foes in a matter of blows. These attacks can be used to deal significant amounts of damage. These assaults are most valuable when used against adversaries whose strength is below average compared to the average. In addition, the weapon can deal approximately 76 damage from the holy realm.

You will start with a starting Faith of E, but it can reach a maximum of D once it has been optimized to its full potential. It is one of the best Faith scaling weapons because early on in the game, it does not require a significant amount of Faith to equip it, and because it can be buffed over time to become a worthy end-game weapon in Elden Ring, it is one of the best Faith scaling weapons. One of the reasons it is regarded as one of the best weapons to rise for Faith is that it is one of the best weapons to grow for Faith. Another reason it is considered one of the best Elden Ring items to buy for Faith is because it is one of the best weapons to scale for Faith.

Even though it is a long-range weapon, the Erdtree Bow inflicts the same amount of damage on its targets regardless of the distance at which it is used. The most impressive quality of this bow can be found right here.

The Eritrea Bow inflicts an estimated 50 Holy Damage on the target in addition to the standard 40 Physical Damage it deals with. Although its physical attack is not particularly potent, it is well-known for the significant holy damage it sells to its targets. Because it does not require a substantial amount of Faith to equip, the Erdtree Bow is widely regarded as among the most effective weapons in terms of faith scaling. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for a weapon to employ in the beginning stages of the Elden Ring game because it can quickly deal a lot of damage. In addition, to fulfil the requirements, you need a Strength score of 8 and a Dexterity score of 12. EveougYou will be able to quickly and easily end any opposition you face thanks to this sword's ability to inflict Holy damage that can reach as high as 208. This will allow you to quickly and easily overcome any challenge you face. It is possible to deal substantial harm for the cost of 25 FP, which is a cost that ought to be considered acceptable given the possibility of dealing significant damage.

This blade is buried in the vicinity of the West Capital Rampart in the Lyndell Royal Capital and can be uncovered at some point.

Because the Coded sword deals roughly 13 points' worth of physical damage to its targets, it is abundantly clear that this weapon is unsuitable for pure-melee builds that rely heavily on physically damaging their opponents to crush them. This is because the Coded sword deals roughly 13 points' worth of physical damage to its targets. The weapon already has a holy base damage of 85, making it one of the more powerful options available. This is true even if you choose not to upgrade the weapon in any way. The devastating amount of holy damage that could be inflicted on undead beings would make it much simpler to battle with these creatures. It is widely acknowledged throughout Elden Ring that the Coded Sword is one of the most potent Faith Scaling weapons available. This is because the weapon's overall damage output will significantly boost if the user invests considerable time and effort into improving their Faith attribute.

It is common knowledge that the Inseparable Sword is one of the best greatswords that can be crafted using Faith. This opinion is shared by a large majority of players. This viewpoint is held by the vast majority of reputable industry professionals. The Treasure Vault is the location where you can find it. Once it has all of its upgrades, the inseparable sword has the potential to inflict a significant amount of damage on holy targets. This potential damage could range from minor to catastrophic. You will likely come across this greatsword close to the throne that the Prince of Death possesses.