Renting a Porta Potty

Are you thinking about renting a porta-potty?

More and more temporary and permanent establishments find themselves in unique locations. For this reason, temporary toilets such as porta-potties have become increasingly important.

You might feel overwhelmed with multiple options, many porta-potty companies, and many factors to consider. Read on if you need a general idea of renting a porta potty!

1. Understanding Your Budget

Before renting portable toilets, you must consider your budget and understand it thoroughly. Many companies rent porta potties for various events, such as construction sites and concerts. The price of a porta potty rental can vary depending on the duration, size, and additional features.

Additionally, keep in mind the cost of maintenance and cleaning services if necessary. Compare the prices of porta potty options to find the most affordable one that meets your requirements.

2. Quality of Materials

Look for porta potties that have been treated with anti-microbial agents, UV inhibitors to block UV rays, and mildew-resistant coatings that offer protection against mould. Make sure the porta potty's floor is non-slip and skid resistant.

Consider the materials used for the walls and roof, such as premium-grade plastic or a heavy-duty reinforced aluminium frame that can withstand extreme weather conditions.

3. Review of Porta Potty Providers

Before you jump into the decision, you need to consider a few factors, such as the provider's reputation, the time available for rental, the number of porta potties required, accessibility to the site, and the cost.

It is essential to visit different porta-potty providers, or you can also check out the construction porta-potty linked here and get a free quote today!

4. Ease of Installation and Removal

Some companies offer self-installation options, which allow you to install the unit on your own, avoiding the cost of a contractor. Others may provide delivery and installation services for some models, giving you convenience and peace of mind.

Removal is also essential, as you might have to pay for the cost of removal and disposal in addition to the cost of the porta-potty rental. Remember to check with the rental company to ensure they will provide removal services as part of the rental.

5. Maintenance Requirements & Frequency

All rental toilets require regular maintenance and have specific cleaning frequencies.

In addition, the maintenance rate should correspond to the speed of use of the porta potty itself. If the potty is used infrequently, the company should require a lower frequency of cleanings.

Consider Renting a Porta Potty Today

Before renting a porta potty, consider the number of people, duration, delivery and removal fees, and how far away it is from your event.

So, why wait? Get started today! Take the time to compare prices and ensure you get the best porta potty.

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