Hiring the right designer is a crucial step for any business. Designers are responsible for creating visual content that will represent your brand, so you want to ensure you hire someone with the right skills and attitude.

But how do you know if they’re the right fit?

The answer lies in asking the right questions during interviews. Asking deep-digging questions can help reveal a candidate’s true capabilities, interests, and motivations — things that may not be apparent from their portfolio or resume alone.

To help you find the perfect design hire, here are X deep-digging questions to ask before making an offer.

Questions to Ask

1. What experience do you have in the field of design, and what kind of projects have you worked on before

This question is essential to understand a designer’s familiarity with the industry and experience level.

Knowing what type of projects they have worked on prior can give you insight into their abilities and design style, as well as how comfortable they feel tackling different types of work.

2. How familiar are you with the latest trends and technologies related to design?

This question will help you understand the designer’s expertise level regarding technology and design trends.

Designer needs to stay up-to-date with their industry so that they can provide their clients with the best solutions.

3. Do you have any awards or recognition for your work that we should be aware of

This question will help you evaluate a designer’s professional success and identify their talent level.

If they have been recognized by any organizations or associations, such as the Webby Awards, it could demonstrate the quality of their work and prove their competence in the field.

4. Are there any specific tools or software programs you prefer working with?

This question will let you know what tools the designer uses to complete their projects.

It’s essential to ensure that the designer is comfortable and familiar with the tools and software that your company prefers or requires, as it could affect how quickly they can complete tasks.

Whether it’s a feedback tool for a website or a communication tool, it’s helpful to know what they’re familiar with.

5. What is your approach to problem-solving when faced with a complex project?

This is a crucial question as it can help you determine how the designer handles unique and challenging tasks.

A good designer can think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions, so asking this question can provide insight into their problem-solving skills.

6. How would you handle feedback from clients and stakeholders about a project

This question will help you understand how the designer handles criticism and feedback.

A good designer should be able to take constructive feedback into account without becoming defensive, so asking this question can give you an idea of how they manage difficult conversations.

7. What do you think makes a great design?

Asking this question will help you understand what the designer believes a great design should look like and how they define success.

Their answer can give you an insight into their design process, aesthetic style, and overall approach to design.

8. What kind of timeline do you think is realistic for completing a project?

This question will help you set expectations with the designer regarding the timeline for completing a project.

Knowing how long it will take them to complete tasks can help you plan ahead and ensure that the project is completed promptly.

9. What methods do you use to ensure quality control when working on projects?

This question is crucial as it will help you assess how the designer maintains high standards regarding quality control.

Knowing their methods can help you ensure that they are producing work of the highest calibre and meeting your requirements.

10. Are you willing to perform additional tasks outside of design?

This question will give you an understanding of how flexible the designer is when performing tasks outside their scope of work.

Depending on the project, designers may be required to perform additional tasks such as coding or creating prototypes, so knowing if they are open to this can help you determine if they are the right fit for your team.

11. Are there any areas where you feel like your skills could use some improvement

Asking this question will help you identify areas where the designer feels they could use additional resources or training.

Knowing their weaknesses can help you determine if they are a good fit for your team and how best to support them in their development.

12. How do you stay up-to-date with industry trends

This question will help you identify how the designer keeps up with current trends and technological advances.

Understanding their approach to staying informed can help you get an idea of their level of knowledge and expertise.

Bonus: Provide a real-life example of a subpar web design, coding issue, or similar, and ask your candidates to look at the problem and offer solutions.

Even if the answer is not exactly what your company’s approach is to solve an issue of that nature, you’ll be able to see their approach first-hand.


Asking the right questions during a designer interview can help you identify if they fit your team and project.

By understanding their skills, experience, problem-solving abilities, timeline expectations, and approach to staying informed with industry trends, you can make an educated decision about who would best suit your needs.