Writing Content

Is your website content converting your visitors into leads? If your content is written to entice your visitors to contact you, they could turn into potential sales! How do you write enticing content; let’s look at a few strategies:

What makes a good headline?
Create a title that grabs the attention of the reader! Your title will decide if the visitor will continue reading or moves on. If the title isn’t enticing, visitors won’t read the content. Consider these factors when creating the title:

- Be specific and clear, making it clear what value the reader will get from reading your content.
- Don’t use a “bait and switch tactic” in your title. Readers want to gain knowledge from the content. Make it clear and precise.
- Open-ended questions create curiosity. It gets the reader to think and want to continue reading.

Make sure your content delivers

Your content will drive conversions for you. It must deliver on the promise you made in your subject line. If readers feel it’s going in a different direction than the title, they will leave and won’t return. Just as important, you want the wording to entice the reader to continue reading the content down to the last word.

Use bullet points: Bullet point lists stand out in the content making it easier for the reader to comprehend the information. It’s very easy to skim a page with bullet points.

Always end with a “call to action”

Convert your visitors into leads by enticing them to fill out a form whether it’s an email subscription form, a lead generation form or downloadable pdf with additional information. Offer a section within your site for visitors to sign up to access the information. It’s a great way to gather lead information.

Barb Ferrigno

Concept Marketing Group
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