Ever wanted to rent or buy storage space to keep your stuff hidden or safe? That's basically the meaning of hosting.

Web hosting operates on the same principle with one key difference. With web hosting, you can store your website's data on a server, but this data is visible to all online viewers. Every business that requires an online presence uses different types of web hosting, including dedicated, shared, and VPS.

You might have heard of a Linux dedicated server for hosting or Windows VPS for hosting. Well, all types of hosting are linked to a server, and that server runs on a kind of operating system or distro; Linux, Windows, Ubunto, Debian, etc.

In this article, we want to discuss all the details about web hosting on the world's most popular operating system: Windows.

Windows Virtual Server Explanation

No matter how much memory your computer has, you always want more, whether for storing images that bring back precious memories, storing your graphical projects, or keeping tabs on hours and hours of high scores on your favourite game.

Gamers always look for ways to battle lags, screen freezing, graphical glitches, etc. Developers are compiling codes left and right, which requires plenty of RAM and a powerful multi-core processor. Companies want systems that can store data in the safest possible way that can be accessed anytime.

What is the solution to all these problems?

Virtualization software.

Windows virtual server is probably the best virtualization technology to overcome RAM issues, downtimes, glitching, software incompatibility, malware attacks, etc. Hyper-V, Microsoft's hardware virtualization, allows you to have multiple virtual computers that run just like physical computers but with more safety and privacy.

Windows Web Hosting

Windows web hosting means you have elected Windows as your champion operating system, a fine choice. The best thing about Windows hosting is that it's beginner-friendly for everyone, regardless of their technical background.

Here are other benefits that come with Windows web hosting:
  • Plesk Control panel (Admin access to CMS, email accounts, databases, etc.
  • Intuitive user experience (Straightforward visual representation of data)
  • Compatible with all Windows tools, such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams, etc.)
  • Access to Microsoft's tech support professionals
  • Access to different Windows extensions through Plesk

How Does Windows Web Hosting Put You In a More Favorable Position

You must have heard that you get what you pay for.
Windows web hosting might seem expensive to some of you, but it's worth a lot more. Convincing Linux fans to switch to Windows web hosting is not easy, but we won't need to by the end of this section.

Are you considering starting your business but want to avoid paying hefty fees to set up your website? The free version of Microsoft Visual Studio is what you need. You can host a .NET website and even create your own DNS server without much technical knowledge.

What about security?

Would it ease your security concerns about using Windows hosting if Amazon Web Services used Microsoft technologies? Well, they do!

In addition to free security patches that Windows releases frequently, you can update your Windows server as a secondary precaution.

What about configuration?

Linux configuration can be a nightmare if you are a complete tech newbie, but even a 10-year-old can figure it out with Windows. (However, it's best to supervise that 10-year-old to prevent other technical problems. :))

Anything worth something comes at a price. Can you really put a price on your business's security and ultimate success?

Think about this question the next time you want to complain about Windows's prices.

Three Key Benefits of Windows Hosting

Do you want to build a successful business, scale it in a few years, and have satisfied loyal customers? Or do you want to make quick bucks for a short period and be done with it?

The following list is a must-read if you belong to the first category.

1. Generate High Website Traffic with ASP.NET

Remember .NET websites? Microsoft has upped the game by introducing ASP.NET, which offers the following:
  • Faster web framework
  • Unique tools and libraries for building web apps
  • Bi-directional communication between server and clients
  • Protection against cross-site scripting (XSS) and cross-site request forgery (CSRF)
  • Microsoft's Bonus: You can set up 10 ASP.NET websites for free with Microsoft Azure.

2. The Most Powerful DBMS to Improve SQL Performance

A database management system (DBMS) is essential for improving presentation-based applications, faster data access, better compliance with data regulations, and much more.

3. Ultimate Protection against Malicious Software

We discussed Windows Virtual server at the beginning, which ties in perfectly with this topic. Using Windows's outstanding virtual technology provides your business with the highest level of security. No infected file or app can harm your host computer, which is the best security policy in the eyes of your customers.

Three Advantages of Choosing VPS for Hosting

You might say: Wow! You rambled on about Windows hosting and want to talk about VPS hosting.

The truth is it all ties together. Let's simplify things.

Would you prefer to live in a quiet, safe house in the suburbs or an apartment in New York City? New York City is a city that never sleeps, which means there are always loud noises, static, and crowded places.

On the other hand, a house in the suburbs is a heavenly place to live. Extensive beautiful lawns, privacy, fresh air, no traffic, and so much more are available there.

Shared Windows hosting is like that New York apartment, and Windows VPS hosting is like the quiet house in the suburbs.

Now let's see what you actually get from VPS hosting:
  • 100% private and protected hardware resources
  • Fast and reliable site performance
  • Ultimate security through data isolation

Windows VPS Hosting - Superior Choice

Small or mid-sized businesses usually have limited funds and are always looking for the most cost-effective hosting solution.

Windows VPS hosting is less expensive and provides security, accessibility, and the highest level of performance. Businesses can only succeed with loyal customers; loyal customers will come if your website experiences weekly downtimes.

Aside from downtimes, a complicated interface repels customers like no other. Especially older generations that already feel overwhelmed by technology.

Also, Windows VPS hosting is budget-friendly enough that you can spend your remaining budget on expanding your brand and ditching your competitors.

That's what I call a Win-Win!