BMW parts

One of the most well-known company names in the world, BMW is also one of the most well-liked luxury automobile companies in the United States (second only to Mercedes-Benz). However, as you might expect given the term "luxury," these vehicles may be rather pricey.

The price of the car is substantial both at purchase and in ongoing upkeep. BMW maintenance is more expensive than less expensive brands like Honda or Toyota, even though it isn't as pricey as other luxury automobile brands like Porsche or Ferrari.

Due to its high-revving engine, a BMW can have diverse meanings to different people. Some perceive it as a prestige symbol, while others consider it as the ultimate driving machine. We know you appreciate your BMW for its excellent performance if you own one.

But if you decide to get your BMW fixed, you might discover that the parts add up to be extremely expensive. There are many bmw service center in delhi among which you can choose the best.

BMW Repair Prices in Comparison to Other European Cars

The mobile auto repair company has looked into their own data to determine which automobile types and models need the most upkeep over a 10-year period. Always look for reputable BMW Repair Centre in Delhi.

Their research shows that BMWs are the most expensive vehicles, ranking last among the top four behind Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, and Volvo. They calculated the cost of the BMW over ten years to be $17,800. You should always choose experienced car service in delhi.

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Why BMW maintenance costs so much?

As it's a German car with specialized parts and technology, maintaining a BMW is pricey. BMW is not only a vehicle to move passengers from point A to point B; it is designed for driving aficionados. BMW's advanced technology calls a specialized certification to be repaired correctly.

A skilled BMW mechanic will possess the knowledge necessary for a thorough and effective repair. A $400 battery replacement, for instance, might be necessary because the mechanic must register the battery with the engine control module. If not, the battery risk of an early demise since the vehicle won't "know" how to charge it.

Not Every BMW Is Made Equal

It's vital to note that not all BMWs will have the same maintenance costs before we get into the specifics. The costs connected with various BMW models, brands, and years will vary.

An older model may initially be less expensive, but the cost of maintenance can be significantly higher due to the absence of certain safety measures and the need to repair outdated parts.

A newer model can initially cost more, but it won't need as much maintenance during the first several years. Newer versions will, however, feature new technology that, should a problem arise, can be costly to fix or replace.

The Differing Components of BMW

Not every component is made equally. This holds true for all automobiles, not just BMW. It's a good idea to be aware of the type of part you are obtaining when looking at repairs for your BMW.

Original Parts

The most expensive parts will be genuine. Simply said, these are components that were initially mounted when the vehicle was being built. Installing Genuine Parts is recommended for a number of reasons, including maintaining the originality of the vehicle and ensuring compatibility.

OEM parts

Compared to Genuine Parts, OEM Parts are less expensive. A manufacturer that fulfils high quality criteria and creates at least one item for a vehicle manufacturer produces OEM parts. Normally, all OEM manufacturers follow strict quality control procedures and are renowned for their high caliber products.

Replacement Parts

The cheapest parts are aftermarket components. As an alternative to OEM or Genuine Parts, these components were developed. In certain instances, the parts are essentially indistinguishable, such as with clips, screws, and other fasteners.

There are aftermarket components that are superior to their OEM & Genuine counterparts. However, you should exercise caution when getting your BMW repaired because some aftermarket parts may not be of the highest quality. By using aftermarket components, you run the risk of getting a subpar item for what you paid for. Knowing what you are getting in a part is therefore advised.


Why do BMW cost so much to maintain?

As replacement parts and labor expenses on BMWs are typically greater than on other vehicles, they are very expensive to maintain. BMWs also have a lot more bells and whistles that can malfunction because they are built as high-end German vehicles.

Are BMW expensive to maintain and repair?

Yes BMW is very expensive to maintain and repair.

Are parts more expensive for a BMW?

Yes, compared to other brands, BMW parts are among the most expensive. Additionally, the cost of the parts increases with the age of the BMW. BMWs require between $5,000 and $12,000 more in maintenance than the majority of automobiles.

What is the most expensive thing to fix on a BMW?

1. Serious engine trouble
2. Transmission Error
3. Computer Problems
4. Suspension Revision
5. Replacement of the Camshaft