is legit, and this is something more than just words.

Working on legit at-home packing jobs is a great experience, even if you are not going to build a career in this industry. You can work from home packing and shipping, gain knowledge about the processing of international shipments, and earn good money simultaneously. If you are interested in this, keep reading this article to understand how it works and why more and more people are entering this sector.

Today, we are going to discuss a packing job provided by Uss-Express. This is a vacancy for quality managers who need more experience in logistics, shipping, and management. This vacancy is quite popular in the US. Below, you will see the reason. Enjoy reading!

Reason 1: Great working culture and conditions of cooperation

The way the company works tells a lot about this employer. Considering the increasing number of customers, we dare guess that Uss-Express specialists even know how to organize the shipping process remotely. This doesn’t mean that conditions are perfect. Employees still face busy schedules that cannot be adjusted and an intense flow of packages, each of which must be checked appropriately. Despite the apparent difficulties, the majority of conditions are satisfying for employees:
  • A salary of a quality manager varies between $1,700 and $3,200 per month;
  • A busy schedule is a nightmare for those who work full-time – part-timers have more possibilities to change it;
  • Costs associated with your shipments are entirely covered by the employer;
  • Uss-Express has a system of generous bonuses that motivate employees to show their best every business day.

Reason No2: The employer imposes understandable responsibilities

A business will work only if every prominent team member on different packing jobs from home does their duties best. To achieve this, an employer must specify them very clearly. Uss-Express did this. The responsibilities of quality control managers don’t change with time:
  • Process orders;
  • Check the quality standards;
  • Verify the conditions of items;
  • Take photos of items;
  • Repack items;
  • Ship parcels.

Reason No3: Positive reviews from current and former workers

  1. “I have worked as a quality manager at this company for 2 years. The company ships worldwide, so there is always plenty of work. My duties are receiving parcels from companies and world markets like Amazon. I have to check the quality. My work requires a medium level of concentration, and it is well-paid. Sometimes I have to work on weekends, and an intense workload may happen.” – Kenneth Fayant on AmbitionBox.
  2. “I love working for Uss-Express as a quality control manager because that's the easiest remote job I have ever had! Thank you for this opportunity!” - a current quality manager on Glassdoor.
  3. “I need more time to see all the benefits and pitfalls. My friend recommended I file this form for the quality manager vacancy because I couldn’t find a job without qualifications. Well, so far, I like it, but I can’t say anything more because it’s just my first month, and I need more time to see all the benefits and pitfalls”. – current quality manager on Indeed.
  4. “I just got contacted and hired by USS Express and began working this week! This company has shown me nothing but support, patience and understanding while I'm getting used to working from home - this job is exactly what I've been hoping to get one day. It's almost too good to be true! I'm very thankful I was accepted as an employee and am excited to continue working with them!” – Kate on Trustpilot.

Reason No4: Easy to meet requirements

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a personal computer or laptop
  • Have a cell phone with a camera
  • Have a physical address: house or apartment
  • Have access to a printer
We think even an average student can meet these requirements. If you fit this description, feel confident to leave your data in a particular form on the website of the Uss-Express company!