Make sure that you use the skin care product within the expiration date. You need to learn all about expiration dates, but as a reminder, if you look at the bottle or the box, there will be a little jar open. That jar figure with a number and the letter m. The number is how many months after opening that the product is stable, and I think it's a good idea as a side note to keep a little calendar of your skin care products in terms of when you open them and then the day that you open them moving forward or when you need to get rid of them. Stop using them at a specific date; they can be contaminated and cause worse issues. You can get a nasty skin rash. They can cause problems for you and your skin, so make sure you use them within the expiration date.

Another question I get a fair amount, and I understand why, is about hydro boost gel cream, fragrance-free, that I use as a hydraulic acid serum. It will set, and you can see me using my skincare routine. It's better than oil for the face, such as bakuchiol oil or jojoba. Too many of you point out - why can't you just use that as a moisturiser? It has dimethicone in it, which is occlusive, and you guys you technically have it styling; it's not on it's not something that is marketed or formulated to be layered under something; it is just meant to be a moisturiser that's used by is marketed towards people with oily skin, it's got that dimethicone. Learn more about crepey skin here:

It is oil-free, but it might feel strange using that product; maybe it's just me I find that when I use it as a standalone moisturiser, it just doesn't perform well, at least kind of feel sticky and gives that dry filmy feeling to the skin. However, if I don't use a lot but just a tiny amount and apply it to spot focus areas underneath the moisturiser, I get excellent enhancement and hydration in the skin. Get to see really excellent results how. I am screamed using it and find that it works well that way, but many people, the products that they use, they use it as a standalone moisturiser, and they love it; it works well for them to be maybe a skin type specific outcome that is not going to be predictable.

Less is always more, and immediately come on with a moisturiser with occlusive ingredients to seal that water in. That next step is crucial: apply a moisturiser and occlusive ingredients. What do I mean by occlusive ingredients? These things are in a seal, in transepidermal water loss. For people with more oily-prone skin, the best is to pursue silicones. Inform yourself about silicone; people often get freaked out about them without reason.