The process of harvesting timber should be planned well in advance. Planning it will help you carry out the process appropriately while sticking to the rules and regulations. You need to follow the local, country, and global based rules and regulations to carry out the process effectively. Carrying out the timber harvesting process irresponsibly can harm the forests and the environment. Professional and experienced loggers in Iroquois County IL will help you learn about effective timber harvesting methods.

Let us first know how the process of timber harvesting takes place. To know this, you should also know the people who are the key players in the timber harvesting process; let's take a look at these people.

The land owner

The land owner will be responsible for making the major decisions related to timber harvesting. They can make different agreements and will decide whom to sell the timber to.

The wood dealer or broker

The wood dealer or the broker is the person who works with the logger to cut down the trees and deliver them to appropriate places where they will be processed.


The loggers are the people who have high experience in cutting the branches, the logs to perfect sizes or even taking down the trees as a whole. They then sell this wood to the sawmill. Since they have to deal with heavy equipment, they should be experienced enough to carry out this process.


The sawmill is the final destination where the wood goes. They must pay the total sum of the timber to the logger, who will distribute the money among the other key players.

Professional forestry consultant

The consultant will help the landowners to make the best decisions. This is done through the process where the dealers bid for buying the timber from which the highest bid is chosen.

How is the value of timber determined?

The value of timber may depend on several factors. The total value can sometimes be big enough, while sometimes it will be a small amount. Therefore, to estimate the right price for the timber, you should take into account the following factors:

The size

The height and length of the trees highly depend on the species and their age. If your land has small trees, more than the amount of timber harvested is needed. At the most, it will be used for the paper pulp process. Therefore, the bigger the tree, the more prominent the harvest.


Different types of species will mean that different type of wood is harvested. This means that this variety of wood can be used to manufacture items for various purposes. These can be furniture, musical instruments, paper, and so on.

Apart from all these mentioned points, you should also keep in mind that logging significantly impacts the environment. Therefore, the logging activities should be carried on in such a way that it promotes regrowth in a shorter period. Therefore, contacting a reliable company is very important if you want to carry out the logging activities in an environment-friendly manner.