Jewelry Collection

Fine jewelry is one of the top ten most collected items. Jewelry is fun to collect because it isn't only valuable, it's also wearable. You can show off your collection whenever you want!

Are you considering starting a jewelry collection?

We're here with a few helpful jewelry collecting tips for anyone first getting started. Read on to learn more.

1. Have Somewhere to Store Your Jewelry

Before starting an official jewelry collection, you want to store it somewhere. A standard small jewelry box isn't going to cut it if you want a large collection!

We recommend buying a jewelry cabinet. Vintage jewelry cabinets are stylish and available in sizes suited for any jewelry collection. There will be plenty of slots for rings, hangers for necklaces and bracelets, and drawers for brooches, pins, and earrings.

They also often have mirrors for added convenience.

If you're really committed, you could also invest in a jewelry closet, but most people never have a need for that much space.

Remember that your jewelry storage can also be where you display your jewelry. Consider having a mannequin or two for your favorite pieces so you can show them off or even frame some of the pieces that you don't plan on wearing.

2. Learn Proper Cleaning and Storage Methods

If you're starting a collection, you need to know how to take good care of it. If your jewelry is high-end, you need to be careful.

Learn how to clean and store the jewelry in your collection. Jewelry can tarnish and break without proper storage, and you will need to clean it from time to time if you plan on wearing it often.

Improper cleaning can lead to broken jewelry.

When in doubt, you can also have a professional clean your jewelry. This is best for your most expensive pieces that you aren't willing to risk.

3. Pick a Style That Works for You

Not everyone is planning on wearing their jewelry collection, but if you are, make sure to pick a style you can see yourself wearing.

It's easy to look at fine jewelry and want to pick the most luxurious-looking pieces for your collection, but those won't be useful to you if you have a more subdued sense of style.

You can find beautiful, expensive, and high-end jewelry in every style. There are even brands that make high-quality body piercing jewelry, so if your style is alternative, you can still have a fancy jewelry collection.

You don't have to worry about these limitations if you don't plan on wearing your pieces.

4. Learn How to Identify Quality Jewelry

Do you know how to identify a high-quality piece? If you plan on creating a fine jewelry collection, it's time to learn the signs.

Learn how to identify authenticity stamps, diamond quality, and more. Learn how to tell when a piece of jewelry is gold or just gold-plated. Many people are trying to pass off costume jewelry as real jewelry.

When in doubt, it's a good idea to work with a jewelry appraiser so you can see if your pieces are real or not and help you determine jewelry worth.

5. Give Yourself a Budget

Jewelry collecting is an expensive hobby. If you don't have limitless money to spend on your collection, give yourself a monthly budget for jewelry. You may need to move money around sometimes if the jewelry cost is higher than you anticipated one month but don't ever over-spend.

Collecting things can be addictive, so be careful! Look for good deals when it's possible to do so.

Do you have a jewelry "white whale?" Keep an eye on online marketplaces and local estate sales, and don't jump on the first sale you see if it's out of your price range.

6. Visit Estate Sales

Some of the best jewelry you can find will be at estate sales, especially if you like unique and vintage pieces. Yes, brands are still making fantastic jewelry now, but the vintage pieces are special and fewer people have them.

Look online for estate sales near you. Be sure to get there early. Plenty of other people will be looking for the exact same thing you are.

Make sure you know what you're looking for and you've learned how to identify good pieces. You can find some truly amazing jewelry for a great price at a good estate sale.

7. Focus on Timeless Basics

The bulk of your jewelry collection should be timeless pieces made of precious metals. These are the jewelry pieces that will hold their value and that you'll be able to pass down if you have younger family members. They don't go out of style.

They're also the most wearable. Having several timeless basic pieces in one outfit won't look gaudy.

8. Make Your Statement Pieces Count

At the same time, you also want to collect a few fun statement pieces. These are often estate sale finds. Because they won't be as common in your collection, make them count.

Look for statement pieces that pair well with your basics and your clothing. Try to pick things that aren't too trendy or that are trendy but that keep coming back. For example, large hoop earrings are trendy, but that trend returns every few years.

9. Be Patient

When you're collecting jewelry, patience is a virtue. You're going to have to be patient if you want to find the best pieces.

It takes time to build up a collection of jewelry. You have a lot of space in that jewelry cabinet, but you also have plenty of time to fill it. If you don't rush, collecting jewelry will be a much more exciting and fun experience.

It's Time to Start Your Jewelry Collection

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trips to estate sales, check out online marketplaces, and choose a few favorite jewelry styles. Soon enough, you'll have an impressive jewelry collection to show off in style!

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