Employee Productivity

Over 60% of employees quit their jobs due to bad company culture. 56% of workers put in their two weeks thanks to poor management. Do you know what these two statics have in common?

Bad management and culture make employees feel underappreciated. This can do more than cause them to quit. It can put a damper on your workplace productivity.

Good employee productivity starts with the onboarding process, but it continues beyond there.

You've got to allow them to have a good work/life balance and avoid micromanaging them. Give them a chance to further their knowledge of your industry, and be sure to communicate.

These are only a few ways to increase motivation. Continue reading to learn more.

Productivity Starts With Onboarding

Employee loyalty isn't guaranteed after they sign the offer letter. If your onboarding process differs from workers' standards, they still have the chance to leave.

Good onboarding starts with extensive training. After all, it's easier for employees to be productive on their first day if they have not learned what they're doing.

You should also check in on them every few days and allow them to ask any burning questions. Provide guidance if they need clarification.

Ask your new hires for feedback on your onboarding process. It will make them feel heard and help you make improvements. It's a win-win.

Encourage Learning

There will come a time when your employees will begin to feel stagnant in their positions at your company. They'll feel like they've done all they can and move on to pursue another opportunity.

That's why it's so important to encourage learning. If an employee shows promise and completes a certain amount of course training, offer them new positions. This will keep employees from growing bored and keep them productive.

Don't Micromanage

You hired your employees for a reason. Let them do their jobs instead of hovering over their shoulders. When you micromanage like that, it makes workers feel you don't trust them.

It can feel terrifying to hand over control to workers, but when you put them in charge of their own tasks, you'll notice an increase in employee satisfaction and motivation.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Technology exists for a reason. It makes your life (and the lives of your employees) easier.

If you don't provide your workers with the tools they need to do their jobs effectively, it will cause an increase in frustration. They'll work slower or stop working at all.

Allow Them to Have a Work/Life Balance

Employees aren't machines. They get tired at some point. They have family and live at home waiting on them.

They'll get burned out if they spend all their time at work. Encourage your employees to take days off, so they can come into the office nice and refreshed.

If the jobs they perform in the office can be done at home, allow them to do so. That will let employees work where they're most comfortable, which means they'll be more productive.

Another way to increase productivity is to allow your workers to choose their hours. This will prevent your night owls from working in the early morning when they're at least motivated.

Work on Your Company Culture

The main aspects of company culture are ethics, goals, company vision, and the work environment. If one of these categories is off slightly, it will wrench your entire operation.

For example, focusing on individual successes will create a hostile environment where you put workers against each other.

Instead, focus on shaping employee relationships. Encourage teamwork and collaboration. People work much better together than apart.

Focus on Team Building

Again, employees are better when you allow them to work with each other. The problem is getting them to the point where they can collaborate without arguing.

That's where Team Building Events by Brightvision come in handy. Escape rooms allow employees to work together to solve puzzles and break out of a room.

In most cases, workers will have an hour to plug in the solution to the final problem. Doing one will show how well employees work together when tensions get high.

Brightvision offers a light, a camera, action activity that will let employees create a short film based on a prompt they're given. Not only will this inspire collaboration, but it will also encourage your workers to show off their creativity.

Don't Leave Employees Out of the Loop

When it comes to running a business, communication is essential. Workers can only do their jobs if you leave them in the loop.

Not communicating with employees won't just frustrate them. It will cause them to leave.

Hold regular meetings to talk about company goals and expectations. When you delegate tasks to a worker, ensure they understand the project's scope before you let them go off on their own.
Increase Employee Productivity and Keep Your Business Going

If you want to increase employee productivity and prevent workers from walking out, you've got to communicate with them. Let them in on company goals, and tell them what you expect from them.

You should also focus on team building, give your employees a good work/life balance, and above all else, set them up for success with a quality onboarding program.

For more tips that will help you keep your workers happy, visit the Business section of our blog.