Dubai Desert Safari

While the bustling city of Dubai is well-known for its glitz and glamour, there is another side to this Arabian metropolis that is often overlooked, the Desert Safari. Join us as we uncover the hidden treasures of Dubai desert safari, from stunning dunes to rare wildlife. You won't believe what lies beyond the city lights.

Dubai is home to the most unique and interesting desert safaris in the world:

Desert Safari Dubai Belly Dance offers a truly distinctive desert experience to adventurers. From sunrise hot air balloon rides to camel safaris or sand boarding down dunes, this unique city lures thrill-seekers with its many activities. Experience authentic Arabia on 4x4 drive excursions through inland deserts, where rocky peaks and lush sunsets make for an unforgettable experience. 

Afterward, settle down for an evening under the stars around a traditional campfire with entertainment from various musicians and dancers in traditional dress. Whether you're an epicurean or adrenaline junkie, Dubai has crafted the perfect desert escapade to suit everyone's tastes.

Dubai desert is vast and empty, but there are hidden treasures:

The Dubai desert stretches for miles with nothing more than sand, sun, and sky as far as you can see. Yet if one looks a little closer, one will discover many hidden jewels that few are privileged enough to come across. From the wadi valleys filled with lush vegetation to the Allip oasis full of exotic wildlife and sparkling pools. This sandy landscape comes alive with surprises that defy expectations. 

Followers of adventure can also explore abandoned villages, unique rock formations, and age-old archaeological sites, each testament to a time when much of the region still lived in the unknown. Treasures in the desert range from fossils over three million years old to ornate Bedouin settlements, a perfect reminder that despite its remoteness, there is beauty to be discovered in every corner of this enchanting destination.

Many people don't know about all the different activities:

Exploring the desolate desert is an unparalleled experience that has to be felt to be fully appreciated. There are many activities available on a desert safari in Dubai, where visitors can sample a range of unique adventures. 

Whether it’s a thrilling roller coaster-like camel ride, sandboarding down the highest of dunes, or even star surveying during the night in the midst of complete serenity, there is something for everyone. 

You could also explore fascinating wildlife such as Arabian oryx, and gazelles and enjoy delicious authentic dishes. The perfect way to get your adrenaline pumping and make memories to last a lifetime.

From exploring ancient ruins to learning about traditional Bedouin culture:

A Dubai desert safari is a unique and interactive way to explore this fascinating region. From discovering ancient ruins to uncovering the traditional Bedouin culture, the Dubai Desert Safari experience has been crafted with visitors' interests in mind. There are well-trodden exploration routes available, as well as opportunities to go off-road and get to see the desert terrain up close. 

Follow the professional guide’s advice on hiking, camel riding, dune bashing, barbecues, and other outdoor activities throughout the day. Visitors can observe spectacular star patterns at nightfall or take an evening stroll among onyx sand dunes. A desert safari is great for adventurers looking for thrilling new experiences and perfect for those seeking tranquility in nature.

Experience the different unique dishes:

Dubai's desert safari offers so much more than just the sand and stars. Each tour has plenty of culinary options that will tantalize your taste buds and make you feel like an explorer in a strange, exotic land. From traditional Bedouin cuisine such as Khabees to Shish Taouk, a popular grilled chicken dish, there is something delicious to suit every palate. 

The dishes are authentically prepared over the open flame of a specialty charcoal grill, evoking a sense of Eastern adventure. It might take some self-control not to finish off every plate! Feel free to get creative with your combinations on your visit, even trying out some exotic fruits and vegetables along the way. You'll be sure to leave with full tummies and happy hearts after experiencing all the unique dishes Dubai offers.

Capture the amazing world of desert safari Dubai in your camera:

A desert safari in Dubai provides an unrivaled opportunity to taste the stunning beauty and culture that characterize this part of the world. As you drive through the golden dunes, stop to capture photos of freshly recreated Bedouin camps, camel rides, and breathtaking views of sunsets. Strike adventurous poses for fun pictures alongside sights like towering dunes that reach heights up to 300 meters high. 

After this, explore the authentic offerings at bustling night markets or take a traditional majlis evening tour into an Arabian family home. Celebrate your journey with a barbeque dinner under starlight while watching an exotic belly dancing performance, all too perfect not to pick up your camera and sink into its shutter.