Ukrainian life has several blackouts per day. Of course, the servers are critical infrastructure, and the hourly switch-off (electricity cuts) doesn’t touch them. But if the enemy activates, they may leave them without electricity with the other residents.

How to protect the information and critical applications from possible data losses or corruption?
Most storage devices are sensitive to electricity outages. Indeed, the HDD suffers from mechanical parts deterioration, but a short circuit during a sudden break may destroy it. Solid-state storage devices are still volatile but have better chances of surviving after a short break. However, there is one popular new method of information storage - NVMe. Is it a different solution?

What is the NVMe?

NVMe is the non-volatile memory. This aspect means faster speeds because they have no component bandwidth. Besides, it preserves the data even in blackout conditions. Its task is the long-term storage of crucial information like system files, sensitive corporate information, or security protocols. No modern flash information card is possible to avoid the exploitation of these modules. Its benefits opened the doors of server companies.

The drives usually come in the M.2 form factor. It’s beneficial because the space is a free but premium investment. Any mess is undesirable in this case as it reduces the server space. NVMe solves this problem efficiently.

Where do we find the NVMe?

These modules are essential for the dedicated equipment. The NVMe servers use designated PCIe slots to transfer faster than the SATA or cable connection. It advantages big data or more significant projects like modelling or forecasting. Mining can benefit from these devices too.

The website loads faster and guarantees better data storage. When you open any five applications after the blackout, you’ll see the entire undamaged file even after the two-day or monthly outage.

Thus, as we see, the nvme dedicated server is our future. They’re targeted for demand computing and rendering video. Most critical consumers have exploited the new memory type for the last couple of years. They understand the benefit of the direct connection to the server’s motherboard. Indeed, this contact saves the physical and RAM resources. The employees don’t need to squeeze the bulky cables to satisfy the SATA connection.

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