Hair Extensions

They're almost real! You might say that when you look in the mirror after getting hair extensions. From adding a few strands to a full head of new hair, extensions are a quick and easy option that provides a quick transformation.

It's easy to find out why many women love having them. But the cost of hair extensions can cause hesitation and the question of, "How much do hair extensions cost?"

Keep reading to explore all you should know about hair extension costs and why they're worth it.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are much more affordable than other types of extensions, such as sew-ins, which can be several hundred dollars.

Clip-in extensions come at various prices depending on quality, length, and texture, but they start at around $50 for a full set. Since ClipIn extensions are reusable, you can save money and time.

You don't have to purchase hair extensions as often as with other types of extensions. For those interested in adding extra volume and length to their hair economically, buy now pay later wigs like clip-in hair extensions can be an excellent choice.

Tape-in Extensions

The exact cost of tape in extensions will vary depending on the length and type of hair chosen and the professional fees of the stylist performing the service.

The most expensive type of tape-in extension is excellent human hair that is Remy and 100% natural. However, synthetic hair is also available at a much lower price.

A full head of hair extensions can cost anywhere between $200 and $800, depending on the quality and type of product used. The higher cost of labour associated with professional installation must also be factored into the end price.

I-Tip Extensions

Depending on the length and amount of extensions you're looking to get, ITip extensions can be relatively affordable. Quality extensions range between $100 to $200, depending on the length of the extensions.

100-gram packs of ITip extensions can range between $95 and $115, while 200-gram packs will cost $95 to $125. The cost of installation can range from $250 to $1,000.

While more expensive than synthetic hair extensions, ITip extensions look much more natural and usually last up to 8-12 weeks when applied correctly.

Weave Extensions

Those seeking to add length to their hair using weave extensions can expect to pay anywhere from $50-$200 for the service, plus the extensions, which range from $30-$200, depending on the quality and amount needed.

On top of the initial price, regular maintenance and upkeep will also add up. Salons or stylists may charge $75-$200 to maintain the extensions, depending on the amount of hair, services provided, and labour time.

Learn How Much Hair Extensions Cost Today

Overall, hair extensions are an investment that comes at various costs. From very reasonable synthetic options to luxurious human hair pieces, there is an option for virtually any budget.

So, what are you waiting for? If you're considering hair extensions, consider making an appointment with a professional to get the best results!

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