Oil Tanks

Thousands of oil, gas and other chemical spills occur each year. When these chemicals enter the environment, they can cause much damage. Humans and wildlife can be exposed to the effects by touching, breathing, and accidentally consuming the chemicals.

Oil can still be beneficial. However, if you need to have it on your property, you must store it properly. This is why having the right oil tanks is essential.

To know which oil tank options are right for you, you'll need to do some research. This article will help you get started. Read on to learn about types of oil tanks.

Why You Might Want Oil Tanks on Your Property

If you use a lot of oil, frequent deliveries can become expensive. Along with paying delivery fees, you can also pay more for smaller orders. It's cheaper to buy bulk and use oil tank storage to hold the needed oil.

Oil Tanks by Material

Oil solutions manufacturers use a variety of materials to make their oil tanks. Each has its pros and cons. Which one you'll benefit most from depends on your situation.

Steel is a highly durable material. Thus, it can ensure that your oil stays in place for a long time. Also, as steel is a relatively inexpensive material, you won't need to pay too much for this protection.


Unlike steel, fibreglass isn't prone to rust. It can also match steel in strength. However, as it is lighter than steel, it may be easier for thieves to take.


Plastic doesn't need the maintenance that steel does to remain in perfect shape. However, thieves can easily drill into the side of a plastic tank to siphon off oil.


Many oil tanks will use two different types of materials. This usually happens with double-skinned oil tanks.

Oil Tanks by Layers

When you view oilfield tanks, you may notice that oil tanks can be either single-skinned or double-skinned. These names have to do with how many layers each oil tank has.


Single-skinned oil tanks only have one material layer to protect against an oil leak. They're less expensive, but this lower price comes with a risk. Remember that the price of cleaning up an oil spill can be extremely costly.


Double-skinned tanks have double-layered walls. They're more costly, but you can feel more certain that your oil will stay where it needs to be.

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