Motorcycle Shipping
Motorcycles are a beloved method of transportation by so many people worldwide due to the unique sense of freedom they provide. They allow you to feel the wind and beauty of the road while going any place you wish, even at greater distances.

In some cases, however, the distances you need to transport your motorbike across are too large and require too much of a financial cost. Whether you are relocating across the US due to a new job, or simply moving to a new home, professional auto transport services are priceless.

When Should you Choose Professional Motorcycle Shipping Services?

People often choose professional shipping services for motorcycles when they need their vehicle to be moved at a great distance due to relocation. The option is especially useful when transporting more than one vehicle.

Since the distances between states in the US are so big, driving your motorbike to the desired destination usually comes with such great expenses of money and time that, in the end, it is not worth it.

A licensed professional auto transport company like would take care of all the arrangements to safely ship your bike in time while you take care of other aspects of the organization surrounding relocation.

Auto transport companies also offer vehicle shipping overseas, which is also quite useful if you are purchasing a motorcycle from an international dealer.

What is the Method for Professional Shipping

After you find a trustworthy company for motorcycle shipping, you will get an estimate on the price based on detailed information about the vehicle and your particular requirements. After that, you can book your order and arrange a convenient date and time when the carrier will pick up the vehicle from the location you mentioned.

Usually, the company will contact you on the said day to make sure that you will be available at the location by the time the carrier arrives. provides both door-to-door deliveries and delivery to a collection center, where you can receive your bike if that is the more convenient option.

The professionals have the necessary expertise and training to safely transport the vehicle without any concern for damage to its condition.

The time for transportation can vary between days and weeks depending on the distance of the shipment.

How to Choose a Good Auto Transport Company

For the safety of your motorcycle during transportation, you must choose an auto transport company that is truly trustworthy. When looking for such, you have to take into consideration the following aspects of the company:
  • License;
  • Experience;
  • Policies;
  • Payment Options;
  • Customer Service.
The most important criterion is the registration of the company. Check whether the company is registered with the Department of Transport and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

The company is not trustworthy if no registration numbers are shown on the website.

The experience of the company’s team is a massive factor in its employees' expertise, knowledge and skills. It is vital to trust an experienced professional since, in this way, the potential damage to the vehicle is minimized.

The licensed professionals working at have years of experience in the field and know how to carry out the procedure in the best possible manner for your most excellent convenience.

While doing your research, check the policies and payment methods offered by the company. Policies should favour the client’s convenience, and there should be a variety of options for payment.

Always choose companies with traceable payment methods like credit cards or bank transfers. In this way, you make sure that you wouldn’t become a victim of theft, which unfortunately does happen in the growing contemporary market.

The quality of the customer service is also a demonstration of how much the company cares about the client's experience. Your enquiries should be met politely and promptly, and the team should be able to provide you with detailed information that is easy to understand.

What is the Cost of Shipping a Motorbike

Different companies offer prices for motorcycle shipping, which also vary according to specific factors. The model, size and weight of the motorcycle are of great importance as the distance you need it to be shipped across.

The initial and final locations also have their weight in the price. Transportation between larger cities is usually more economical than shipping in rural areas.

The final cost also depends on the shipment method you choose for your vehicle. Enclosed transportation comes at a higher price but provides excellent safety for the motorbike.

Open transportation is more budget-friendly and provides safety if you choose an experienced company.

The motorcycle's condition is essential since if it’s in a more fragile state, extraordinary safety measures must be taken.

Prices also vary according to the time of the year. Usually, they are lower in the summer, and for that and other reasons, more people order these types of services during the warmer months.

If you require any additional options like express shipping, that would also affect the final cost.

How to Prepare your Motorcycle for Shipping

You need to follow a few simple steps before the carrier arrives to pick up the vehicle. A good advice is to clean it thoroughly so as not to delay the shipment at destination ports due to fear of biocontamination.

Don’t empty the gas tank, as fuel will be needed at certain moments of the procedure. A quarter of the gas tank filled with fuel should be just enough for the shipment.

Remove loose items and ensure the motorcycle is in the best possible condition. To make sure that you will receive it the same way as you left it, take detailed photos of your vehicle before leaving it to the carrier.