The familiar elements of people's daily life have altered as the current era grows increasingly digital. Installing intelligent locks in homes is among those changes. A smart lock is a Bluetooth- / Wi-Fi-enabled intelligent home device that replaces traditional house keys and enables voice commands or simple finger taps to lock and unlock doors. Even remotely, you can open your door to let someone in while you're at work, thanks to smart locks. Unfortunately, not everybody is knowledgeable about selecting the best smart lock to be used in their apartment or home, given that intelligent locks have advanced features that are important to consider. To identify solutions, it is wise to consult a security professional or locksmith company like Locksmith Hagen (Schl├╝sseldienst Hagen). Keep reading this article to learn key features when selecting a smart lock for your home.

Remote Access

Some intelligent locks merely rely on Bluetooth connections, while others don't allow access via the internet. You can connect directly to the smart lock from another Bluetooth device since the short-distance transmission minimizes the required amount of electricity to run the lock. Check if the smart lock you choose connects to your home network security using Z-Wave technology. These locks allow you to link them to the internet and access and control the door locks from anywhere in the world. This function makes it easier for you to manage your doors remotely. Deliveries can be made to your home, saving you the inconvenience of waiting there throughout the day.

Battery Life

Traditional locks don't experience issues of batteries running out. But to function, smart locks require a constant power source. Because of this, the majority of them run on batteries. The smart lock's internal battery needs to be known by the homeowners. Some homeowners believe that the battery problem may be a minor element, but if your safety goes out when required, you could find yourself in a sticky scenario.

Recognize that it's crucial to comprehend these three aspects of the battery:

How many hours does the smart lock's battery capacity equate to?

It varies based on brands. But according to industry norms, the battery can last anywhere from 1 month to 2 years.

The battery is charged in what way?

Most smart locks contain replaceable AA batteries for when their power fails.

What occurs if the battery runs out of power?

Some intelligent door locks ping you when the battery is getting low. This closes any security loopholes.

Automation Possibilities

If you integrate a smart lock with other smart devices, it not only boosts security but also opens up several exciting possibilities. You can:
  • Program your lights to turn on as soon as the door gets unlocked.
  • Automatically lock your door when you leave and open it when you get close.
  • Set your smart speaker to play a song every time you get home.
  • Turn on your air conditioning when you get home for the day.
  • Record each lock/unlock operation in a spreadsheet.
  • Turn on a security camera when you depart for the day.
After reading the three tips above, you can visit a store and get the right smart lock. But you can always consult a company like Locksmith Hagen (Schl├╝sseldienst Hagen)if you need professional help.