Prince Kaybee's mother cried

A young Nigerian man released S3x tape of Zanele Sifuba, the Speaker of the ANC Free State legislature, after she refused to pay R300,000 blackmail money to the Nigerian man who was sleeping with her.

It's challenging to see one's parents cry. It is even worse to know that you are responsible for it. One person who knows a similar pain is musician Prince Kaybee. Prince Kaybee told the story on his Twitter page:

"When I look at the Zanele Sifuba unfortunate incident, I remember being on the phone with my mother for over an hour after my penis did the rounds. I had never heard her so disappointed. She cried throughout the call, and I haven't been able to forgive myself.

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In all the trauma Mam Zanele will endure right now, her shame, guilt, and disgust will be inspired by her children, relatives and family because I'm confident those are the people she will have a tough time facing. Strength to her family. These two shall pass."

Prince's images were released by a woman he was interested in, Hazel Mahazard, who later apologized.

To read about Zanele Sifuba's release. Click the link below: