Chantal Williams was chatting with her mother about the leaked video clip of Zanele Sefuba when she rejected a demand that she pay 300K to a Nigerian Ben 10 (partner). That is where the video clip was leaked to social media, and it has been trending since yesterday evening, Tuesday, and the following morning. Chantel's mother was speaking about something the leaked video she did not find very good.
Zanele Sefuba
She was concerned about people who would be aware of the video clip and its reputation. It is not good to be in such a situation, and people should always avoid them. From social media, as they have been engaging with the matter, there was a common denominator. People wanted to and were surprised that those video clips of ANC members had been leaked to the media.

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As for Chantel's mother, she is trying to understand and help other people in the future, but it is not certain that a video clip will not be leaked ever again. The moment something is recorded, there is a chance of it getting leaked, and the prevention method is not to record anything personally. People will hack your device. As a result, demanding something.

When you fail to meet the end of the demand, then you will find yourself in a bad situation, and sometimes it is difficult to stop it as it is beyond your reach. It is also not confirmed that the very same person will not demand something later on about the video clip, and reaching the demand does not guarantee that it will never reach the media at all.

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As it is being said all the time, it will pass, and within weeks they will be talking about something else, which is true. But it does not get erased when people see it in the media. They will still bring it up with evidence. Sometimes, there is no evidence, and the rumour cannot be confirmed, remaining only a rumour.