Productivity is necessary for the office to run smoothly. However, many businesses fail to recognize how health and safety can increase productivity.

How health and safety can improve productivity

More than a million UK workers experienced illnesses related to their jobs between 2017 and 2018. More than a third involved musculoskeletal disorders, while nearly half were related to stress, anxiety, or depression.

There is no denying that the expenses associated with employee health are high, costing US businesses more than a trillion dollars in lost productivity. In addition, people with significant health issues are more likely to make poor decisions and have accidents at work.

However, work-related illness and lost productivity can be avoided. Implementing a health program benefits employees in the following ways:
  • Prevent the onset of a disease
  • Stop the spread of an existing sickness.
  • Adopt a healthy way of life.
Every year, healthcare expenses continue to climb while productivity falls. Starting health programs will boost staff participation and involvement. Changing workplace behavior, of course, takes time to happen.

The employer's responsibility for employees' health

Let's face it: employers are responsible for assisting employees in adopting a healthy lifestyle.

With your assistance, the organization can now establish a supportive workplace culture. Healthy behaviours can be emphasized through wellness and reward programs. As a result, the company, its employees, and the community benefit tremendously.

You could also implement the following healthcare initiatives:
  • Smoking cessation programs
  • Health fairs
  • Gym memberships
  • Newsletters
How businesses should handle their employees' health
Apart from productivity, there are several reasons to keep employees healthy:
  • The right thing to do
  • Improves profit margin
  • Lower spending on health care and disability benefits
Companies should consider health care a necessary investment rather than an expense. Investing in employee well-being is an organization's form of social responsibility. If there are naysayers, explain how health and safety improve productivity.

How to keep your employees engaged

You should ensure the current workplace promotes productivity rather than engaging employees. For example, employees might put in excessive hours without enough breaks or holidays, harming their productivity and well-being.

According to a health and safety expert, one solution is to permit employees to take an extended lunch break once weekly, allowing them to work out or relax. There are other alternatives if this is not an option.

Importance of training and education

Education and training are required to promote workplace health. Managers and staff members can take a mental health awareness course.

However, education does not alone influence behavior. You must establish a long-term commitment that might encourage activities that become habits. Of course, an employee's willingness is necessary for such engagement to be successful.

Why employee happiness is important

Success at work is frequently equated with happiness. On the other hand, working long hours reduces enjoyment and productivity.

Every employee in the modern organization must be in good physical and mental health. Companies are capable of achieving this. However, they must establish a work environment that encourages well-being in all facets of employees' lives. People spend most of their time at work, therefore must be happy there.

Employee turnover will be lower when they are happy and healthy. Most organizations do not look favorably at high worker turnover. Following an employee's departure, there may be:
  • Lower productivity will lead to clients waiting longer for their order or product.
  • Additional costs for hiring replacements: hiring new people is expensive, especially if there's a shortage of available talent or skilled people.


Nowadays, many companies know the importance of employee health and safety and how it boosts efficiency.

Employers must stop treating their employees like an expense. They can increase their profitability by allowing staff to get healthier. Moreover, by adopting sustainable EHS Software, employee and employer advantages will lead to higher productivity and decreased healthcare costs. You must find and use precise actions to accomplish such objectives.