Purchasing a new launch condo entails building it to meet your unique requirements and expectations. Since everything in a new launch condo is brand new, including the building itself, amenities, fixtures, and even appliances, it gives consumers convenience. If you decide to invest in resale houses, it prevents you from having problems due to all the repairs you must make. Additionally, upcoming condo launch 2023 experts in Singapore typically include modernized designs and smart home amenities, making the wait efficient. If you have doubts about purchasing a brand-new condo is the right decision, check out a few of the advantages covered below.

1. Options For Flexible Payments

Among the most difficult aspects of purchasing a new home is paying and part with a large amount of money. When you opt to invest in new launches, you will benefit from flexible payment schemes such as Progressive Payment Schemes (PPS) and Deferred Payment Schemes (DPS) (DPS). These alternatives let you spread your payments for a longer period until you have paid off the entire amount. PPS is when you purchase a building that is still under development. It enables you to pay based on the construction's progress. You won't have to worry about paying the bill in full. On the contrary, DPS is usually only applicable to completed condos. Unlike the latter, DPS demands a 20% down payment, although you do not have to pay monthly installments for a few years until the agreed-upon time expires.

2. Capital Appreciation

You'll be in the greatest position to harvest the maximum capital appreciation off your unit if you sell it as the first owner. Two major elements influence this.

To begin with, if you were a secondary purchaser, you would certainly have paid a higher price for the house (since the seller would wish to make a profit over his investment). That means that when you sell the apartment, you may be contending with neighbors who may request a much lower price without compromising profit because they purchased at developer rates, which is the absolute lowest price. This means lowering your asking price and reducing your baseline.

Second, there will be no asset depreciation in a newly launched condominium. Depreciation begins only once the development is finished. As a result, the nearer you sell to the date of completion, the lesser the depreciation and the greater the profit potential. Wait at least three years after your purchase to avoid paying Seller's Stamp Duty (SSD) on your asset.

3. Save Money

Investors are also interested in new condo developments since they are cost-effective. Instead of spending money on repairs, save it for future upkeep and upgrades. Furthermore, new launch homes are considered less expensive than other possibilities because they offer several discounts, vouchers, and promotions to entice potential purchasers. Most developers even provide free repairs during the first year.

Purchasing a new condominium is an exciting process that requires numerous decisions. To choose the best approach, you should get advice from knowledgeable individuals who are familiar with the industry and have the necessary expertise.

4. Greater Choice Of Units

Working with an upcoming condo launch 2023 expert ensures you are unlimited. You'll have a better chance of obtaining premium flats on higher floors with great views. That improves your living circumstances and increases the value of your unit on the open market if you decide to sell.