Anton Sibil is one of those people who through hard work were able to achieve their life goals, as well as self-realization, constantly working on themselves. Anton Valerievich is a holder of the titles "Honorary Builder of Kuzbass", candidate of technical sciences and many others. Moreover, in his time he was the youngest regional minister of construction in the Russian Federation!

Some facts about Anton Sibil's life

August 27, 1982 - that was the day Anton Sibil was born in the city of Kemerovo. His parents were ordinary builders, who had already brought up his older sister and brother Anton. The future minister received his secondary education in the city school number 92, and later decided to tie his life with the construction industry, following the example of his parents.

In 1999, Anton graduated from school and immediately applied to Kuzbass State Technical University for the specialty "Industrial and Civil Engineering". And, of course, he successfully entered it. At the same time, Anton Sibil showed himself as an active student: he not only participated in the life of the university, but also fulfilled the role of the leader of his group, the finance manager and the trade union leader.

Sibil Anton from Kemerovo

But that's not all: Anton Valerievich combined his university studies with work. Right after enrollment, he got a job at the "Magistral-Auto" driving school, where he worked as a watchman and then as a motorcycle driving instructor.

In parallel with his work, Anton Sibil was also involved in his personal life. So, in 2003, he married his girlfriend Yana. They are still together and are raising two children.

Anton Sibil's path to success in construction

In 2003, Anton Sibil began working for the Remstroytorg company: he acted there as an independent link with his own construction team, which consisted of 15-20 people. Here Anton applied the knowledge he had gained earlier, which made him a successful manager.

Three years later, in 2006, Anton Sibil created his own company, which he called Remstroytorg. He continued to actively develop in the repair and construction direction, and his team grew to a hundred people. The company took any orders, regardless of budgets and scope of work.

The high quality of work, responsibility and directing all the profit to the development, rather than personal needs, allowed Anton Valerievich to buy new equipment, learn new technologies and acquire the first assets. It was a part of the abandoned Tokem plant where Anton Sibil bought on lease and built a new concrete and mortar unit, warehouses and the company's first own office.

In 2008, Anton Sibil graduated from the Presidential Management Program with a red diploma. This gave a new impetus to improve his company.

Anton Valerievich Sibil's awards

Anton Sibil's work in public office has been extremely productive for him. He led the region in the commissioning of square meters of housing, and secured the inclusion of the region in many federal funding programs.

Throughout his career and time spent in public office, Anton Sibil has been the recipient of numerous awards:
  1. 2007 г. - Medal "For Business in the Name of Creation";
  2. 2010 г. - Medal "For Faith and Kindness";
  3. 2012 г. - Kuzbass Gold Medal of Honor;
  4. 2012 г. - Medal "For Service to the Russian Orthodox Church in Kuzbass" III degree;
  5. 2012 г. - Medal "For Service to Kuzbass";
  6. 2012 г. - Order of the Kemerovo Region "For arrangement of the Kuznetsk Land";
  7. 2013 г. - title "Honorary Builder of Kuzbass";
  8. 2014 г. - Medal "For Special Contribution to the Development of Kuzbass" III degree;
  9. 2014 г. - Badge of Honor "For Contribution to Development of Kemerovo District";
  10. 2016 г. - Order of the Kemerovo Region "Philanthropist of Kuzbass".
Anton Valerievich Sibil's career growth, many awards for specific deeds he managed to do in the region, made him a respected person. And we are glad that we can tell not only about the fruits of his hard work, but also about the difficult way he had to go.