If you have just started your eCommerce website or you've been in the market for a while, what matters in this digital age is how visible you are on the internet. SEO has been around for years, and it doesn't matter where you are; your business needs it.

It’s reported that 53% of US consumers research products through search engines before buying a product or service. If you’re unsure where to start or don’t have the time and resources to do it, you can always find SEO services in the USA to get some help. Alternatively, you can continue reading these tips and help yourself out.

Keyword Selection And Placement

Google will always be relevant because of the scale at which it serves its users and the quality of search results they provide. Keywords play a significant role in the search results. Firstly, navigational keywords are related to the brand, product and location. Informational keywords are for users who like information about a product.

Lastly, commercial keywords describe a user's buyer behaviour. Therefore, it is crucial to cluster these keywords into categories. You shouldn't forget to target your competitor's keywords in your campaign.

Page Loading Speed

We all have been there where a page takes time to open, and you rethink whether you should continue. You can improve the loading speed and make your users happy with several changes. Firstly, you can compress the images on your page. This would allow them to load faster. You can also clean up your code and remove any unnecessary code. Secondly, you could utilize CDN (content delivery network) to spread your content across multiple servers globally.

Mobile Responsive Ecommerce Platform

The popularity of smartphones is a known fact. Most smartphone users browse eCommerce stores and make purchases on that platform. Google has been giving importance to those stores that are mobile-friendly. There are a few adjustments you can make to fit this requirement:
  1. You can change the store interface for mobile users. Review the loading time and page speed on the mobile platform.
  2. Avoid using enormous font sizes.
  3. Simplify the checkout process on mobile devices.

Backlinks to Your Website

Getting backlinks to your website is a great way to improve your SEO ranking directly. For example, when a search engine identifies that your website has high-quality backlinks, they label it as authoritative and give it a higher rank in the SERP. Another important reason is to increase website traffic to your pages. In addition, other websites can use your link to direct traffic to your website. This has the potential to improve the brand's visibility and sales conversions. If you don’t know how to attain backlinks, you can always contact high quality backlinking services for advice.

Regular SEO Audits

Every year, there are different SEO trends because Google updates its algorithm. When this occurs, it is suggested that you have your SEO team or agency conduct an audit on your eCommerce website. You can identify SEO issues and rectify them immediately.

An audit will consist of monitoring your site visibility, current SEO ranking, keyword placement and if your content is being duplicated. Once these parameters are reviewed, you can start building your SEO strategy.

Rich Snippets

What users see when they click on your links and explore your products is always crucial. Structured data markup is a feature that provides users with information before they decide to click on your link. This markup helps rank your Rich Snippet, a standard Google search feature.

The star rating and review count are crucial in SEO; click-throughs are also significant in search results. For example, according to the Search Engine Journal, users are less likely to look at your web link if your business has less than 4 stars.

Clean Up Your Broken Links

The topic of broken links is not an exciting one in SEO. They are treacherous for two reasons, the first being how it affects website performance and the second being their impact on user experience. When it is partnered with broken product pages, this is a major red flag for users. Loyal customers might stay, but new visitors will likely leave your website. Fortunately, SEO tools like Moz or Semrush can assist you in identifying broken links on your website.

Store Security With HTTPS

eStore websites collect a lot of helpful information daily. This data can range from emails, phone numbers and other personal information. This information must always be secured and encrypted. Customers trust brands that keep their information safe; leaks could result in users moving to other websites. This is also important for SEO since Google labelled HTTPS as a ranking parameter. HTTPS is usually already integrated into high-quality websites.

Link Building Campaign

Usually, most of the effort goes into onsite SEO for eCommerce stores. The off-page SEO is just as crucial. Any SEO company would offer you a link-building strategy to increase your authority and user trust. It would be advised to check up on your competitors and the links they are using. The main aim of this campaign would be to increase brand mentions. Using websites that could potentially use your brand's name and add your business's name to site directories.

These tips should give you the guidance to boost your store traffic and help you monitor vital metrics. Each method is unique, so pick and mix the ones that are relevant to you and watch your data numbers jump for joy.