Any vehicle collision is dangerous, but when a heavily loaded semi-truck is involved, the potential for severe injury or death increases significantly. Additionally, the danger and expense of damages and losses rise when a car is involved. In Phoenix, the number of truck accidents has been increasing due to the city's dense population and easy access to online shopping. To collect compensation in a truck accident case in Phoenix, you will also have to fight with the driver, the trucking business, and the insurance provider. For this reason, you need legal help from an expert Phoenix truck accident lawyer to seek justice and compensation. They help you choose the proper defendant, file your claim, and seek a fair financial recovery.

The Increasing Risk of Truck Accidents

According to statistics, trucks are more dangerous than standard passenger vehicles. Between 2009 and 2019, truck accidents increased by nearly 40%, and the number of truck accidents is now higher than in 2009. Since 2013, there has been no decline in reported truck crash injuries in the United States, indicating that the forecast for 2022 will be much bleaker if current trends continue.

Below are seven reasons truck accidents are increasing.

Drowsy Truck Drivers

Truck accidents often involve driver fatigue and physical impairment, especially in today's rush to reach specific destinations. Truck drivers can travel a maximum of 77 hours over seven days and 11 hours at a time, according to federal standards. However, trucking firms and their employees often break these laws.

Lack of Experience With Roads

Modern infrastructure requires constant development and upgrades, which can easily confuse unwary truck drivers. Therefore, truck drivers need to understand the road infrastructure and directions to avoid a collision.

Using Advanced Technology

Common dangerous distractions include smartphones, radios, music players, and navigation gadgets. Programming a navigation system can take up to 40 seconds, taking drivers' attention away from the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that a driver's chance of crashing doubles in only two seconds.

Mechanical Issues of Truck

Most terrible truck accidents occur due to truck brakes, engine issues, wheel problems, and overloading. Unfortunately, many trucking businesses are aware of these potential mechanical problems but choose not to address them.

Impatient Truck Drivers

Today's rush mentality makes drivers irritable. Both cars and trucks drive too fast, swerve, tailgate, make sudden lane changes, and take dangerous detours. Trucks are 20-30 times heavier than cars, making it very difficult for them to make a wrong lane change.

Bad Weather Situations

Weather conditions such as rain, snow, storm, and other conditions can make it difficult for a truck driver to travel safely. Understanding how different conditions affect truck driving and its speed on the road is an essential component of being a responsible truck driver. Unfortunately, many drivers ignore the weather when driving.

Ignore Potential Blind Spots

One of the most critical duties of a truck driver is to recognize and react to hazards. Before each trip, drivers should make any necessary adjustments to their glasses. Before and after performing any trick, they should check their mirror. During a merge or lane change, a truck driver may neglect to look for blind spots, resulting in a collision with a neighbouring automobile.


There are other additional recommendations that you may follow to avoid accidents. However, even if you've been driving for a while, you should consistently follow these guidelines to avoid complacency. All it takes is one error in judgment or lack of knowledge to change both your life and the lives of countless others.