Volatility and cryptocurrencies go hand-in-hand, as it is the very nature of digital assets. Many people have started using this uncertainty to their advantage as they want to keep investing in crypto. They still earn high profits and are finding more currencies to invest in. If volatility excites you, you can invest in the following.

1. Tamadoge - TAMA

Tamadoge is a play-to-earn cryptocurrency that transcends from the Tamaverse. This decentralized platform amalgamates gaming with blockchain technology by giving rewards to the players in the form of NFTs and TAMA tokens. 5% of the total TAMA tokens purchased in the pet store are burned to ensure long-term investment. The currency has accumulated a market cap of $20.90 million and is determined to make more.

2. Dogecoin - DOGE

What started as a meme coin now has a market cap of $10.09 billion. Its unique Shiba Inu logo has helped it gain popularity among people, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who is the leading man behind the crypto’s rising value. Due to his tweets, DOGE saw an astounding increase of 13,9000%, which makes it one of the most volatile currencies.

3. Binance - BNB

It is the subsidiary of the well-known Binance Exchange subsidiary, the leading crypto exchange company. Binance crypto has a market valuation of $45 billion, making it one of the top cryptocurrencies. The crypto exchange provides the best facilities to its traders, which is also why BNB has gained popularity, especially among beginners.

4. ApeCoin - APE

Powering the NFT platform, ApeCoin has roared the non-fungible token community by being the top facilitator. Most digital art on the NFT platform was that of an abstractly drawn ape, which you could see on every social media influencer’s profile. As non0-fungible tokens are gaining popularity, the requirement of ApeCoin has also increased, raising its market cap to $1.19 billion in a few months.

5. Ethereum - ETH

Keeping itself updated with the people’s requirements, Ethereum has always stood out as a phenomenal altcoin. If it had been developed before Bitcoin, it definitely would have had the throne of cryptocurrency. With a market cap of $139.23 billion and rising, Ethereum has developed an updated version called “Ethereum 2.0.” It has better-automated systems, faster transactions, and reduces its harmful environmental impact.

6. Bitcoin - BTC

BTC is the pioneer of crypto and is famous for its dramatic turbulence. It still has the highest value among all cryptocurrencies because most people are willing to invest. Bitcoin is an excellent investment option, but if you diversify your options by investing in other currencies, you won’t be drastically affected by Bitcoin’s volatile nature. As of now, it has a market cap of $310.01 billion and will undoubtedly increase with time.

7. Decentraland - MANA

A newly launched metaverse whose sole purpose is to let people invest in real estate through the digital platform. You can buy LAND, a digital token category through which you can purchase any real estate or plot. Then, by spending MANA, you can turn that plot into a great house, art gallery, meeting place, or anything you desire. As the currency is still new, it will take time to gain the audience's attention, but it has the potential to grow more in the upcoming times.

Final Words

If checking the market trends is a hassle, let the 1k daily profits app do it for you. It will automate your trading and help you gain a great return on your valuable investments. Volatility will always be a part of crypto, but it will be the primary aspect of its growth. You can learn the techniques to use uncertainty to your advantage to gain more profits.