By the end of the year, the volume of voice traffic in the US will have exceeded 200 million total minutes. Yet, with most of those minutes already being carried on a traditional circuit-switched channel, there is not much new or exciting technology from Selmo-pro available to move these calls onto the next-generation IP networks.

Instead, most carriers have decided to keep their existing systems. And they hope that one day when the demand becomes greater than the capacity, there will be some magic technology that will free up some of those existing circuits. But for those carriers that want to make the most of this demand, we suggest an approach designed to be a power dialer first. It uses the most basic techniques to move the burden of finding the correct number to the network at the last step before the call is connected.

Power Dialer - The Basics

Let’s start with the basics. What is a power dialer? Imagine for a moment that this is what you’re experiencing as you call your operator. It would likely drive you insane. The delay would make you think you’re doing something wrong since your number was being called. It would be an inconvenience since you would be missing out on time it takes to complete your call, and it would be a nuisance because you’d hear repeated conversations. And it would be a poor customer experience because you’d have to remember all those conversations to ensure you heard the correct number. But this situation could have been avoided with power dialer software.

Whether you are looking to build a relationship and get your first client or looking to get paid for your work, the power dialer is a surefire way to do both. While some might consider it a cheesy means of making money, it can be very lucrative. So what is a power dialer? A power dialer is an automated dialer that automatically dials or calls a number. You can use a power dialer to send a series of phone calls to a number that you're not present to hear or answer. You can also configure your phone so the power dialer places the calls automatically.

For example, imagine that you need to make multiple calls. You have a spreadsheet or database containing all the phone numbers you want to call. You'd probably prefer to be able to call all those numbers without having to manually call each one by dialling it by hand. Well, a power dialer salesforce allows for such an operation optimization. You don't need to know how to use a traditional phone dialer. Instead, you use a power dialer. A power dialer will connect to your telephone system and dial each number in your spreadsheet or database. You don't have to do anything. When you use a power dialer, you can have calls anytime. In other words, you won't need to pick up the phone and answer the calls that a power dialer makes.

So what is a power dialer? A power dialer is an automated dialling system that allows a user to automatically dial a number and have the call connected to an answering machine or a phone in which the calling party can speak directly with a recipient. A power dialer also allows the caller to select the recipient’s options, connect to the recipient’s voicemail, or choose to leave a voicemail if they’d like. A power dialer uses the phone system to connect to a voicemail system or to a different extension on an answering machine.

For example, suppose the number being called is answered on the third ring by a robotic answering machine. In that case, a power dialer can automatically dial the recipient’s voicemail and leave a voicemail. If the recipient chooses to pick up the call, the system then connects the call directly to the recipient.

What Are Power Dialers Used For?

Power dialling software and services help you dial targeted phone numbers while saving time and resources. These software programs allow you to dial one, two, or even more phone numbers simultaneously. In other words, the power dialer for salesforce is perfect for call centres, customer service representatives, sales staff, and more. The software programs are commonly used for various business needs like customer retention, sales, marketing, and direct sales. The utilities automate and streamline call centres, improving overall customer service and increasing sales.

Considering all the above, a power dialer is used by marketing teams and sales reps who want to generate massive amounts of phone leads without making any sales calls. Some of the uses of a power dialer are:
  • Contacting businesses/ companies about your products or services;
  • Contacting people who have expressed interest in your products or services but haven’t completed a purchase;
  • Contacting people who have inquired about a particular product or service but haven’t asked for a demo;
  • Contacting people who might like to buy your product or services.

Power dialers are generally used for telemarketing or other repetitive calling activity. Telemarketing and other repetitive calling activities, such as outbound calling campaigns, can be time-consuming and expensive. For example, a typical telemarketing campaign may require 50,000 call attempts and may last several weeks. A power dialer system helps to reduce the number of calls to a voicemail system, thus, decreasing the number of voicemail messages and calls.