Although the athletic and running tracks appear to be identical, there are some differences. Athletics is a sport that has remained popular from the past to the present. The track is also essential in this sport, divided into many sub-branches. The particular area used in sports fields involving professional athletes is called the athletic track. However, there is no such restriction on the running track. Therefore, to explain the differences between the athletic track and the running track, we can list the following:
  • While the athletic track is a particular area that includes athletic athletes, the athletic track is a suitable area for everyone to use.
  • The athletic track is generally preferred only in extensive sports facilities. On the other hand, running tracks are not only established in sports fields. It can run on scenic or paved tracks such as beaches and forests.
  • Athletic track standards are set by the World Athletics Association or the IAAF (International Athletics Federation).
  • Athletic tracks are usually set up at the Olympics and major stadiums. Other outdoor running tracks can be set up in parks, forests, beaches and gardens.
  • There are professional runners on the track. However, there is no such restriction on the running track.
  • SBR and EPDM rubber materials should be used in athletic tracks.
  • Therefore, there are differences in use in the two sports areas.
  • Athletic track and running tracks also have differences in construction. In other words, there is a difference in the materials used.
  • While it is easier to set up a running track, it is difficult to set up an athletic track. Therefore, construction costs vary accordingly.
  • There are different sports movements that athletes have to do as well as running on the athletic track while only running on the running track.
In general, this is the difference between the athletic track and the running track. Both are sports areas used in case of need. Our company helps athletes and running athletes establish comfortable areas. Considering your budget, we establish comfortable sports areas that can be used for many years at affordable prices. You can contact us for athletic tracks and running tracks service.

What is the Use of Running Tracks and Athletic Tracks?

Running tracks and athletic tracks are made especially for athletes. The ground is significant at this point. It is possible to use these specially-made tracks comfortably in 4 seasons. Our company offers you the following while installing the running track:
  • Pleasing
  • Ability to use 4 seasons,
  • Materials that do not hurt health,
  • UV-resistant,
  • Resistant to water,
  • Easy to clean,
  • Resistant to wear and tear,
  • Flexible and non-slip flooring.
At this point, it will be enough to choose a track type for your running track. The athletic track or other running tracks are installed depending on the type of running track you choose. Our expert teams within our company will install one of the tracks you choose.

What are the Types of Running Tracks?

The running track is divided into many types and installed using different building materials. The athletic track is also a type of running track and is a professional sports area. There are also different running tracks. Scenic, high gradient and athletic tracks are the types of running tracks. In running tracks, the ground can be built in different ways. Running track ground types are divided into a sandwich system running track, rubber floor piece, whole polyurethane athletic track and tartan floor athletic track. Especially professional running tracks, sandwich system running track is preferred on athletic tracks.

Running Track with Sandwich System

Running track with a sandwich system is often preferred on athletic tracks or other running tracks with comfort and low cost. It improves the performance of athletes thanks to its flexible structure and unique materials used on the floor. The non-slip floor also prevents athletes from getting injured. The most important feature is that it is durable, so it can be used for a long time. Sandwich system running track materials specially produced by our company for the open running track are exceptionally high quality. The installation of the athletic track and other running tracks is meticulously carried out by our team in a short time. There is also a cost difference between athletic tracks and other running tracks, which are different. If you want more information, you can contact us. Our team will respond to your calls and messages as soon as possible and convey precise information about the subject.