The headband wigs are a new style of wig, you can see people wearing it on YouTube or other channels, it is easy to put on and take off, it is just made of one piece of material similar to the headband, if you are close If you look, you will see. Just a small lump where the black headband sews, the flexible soft part, is sticky velcro.

Like the regular construction of the lace-back cap, the headband wigs inside, with three combs, one on the right, one on the left, and one in the back so you don't feel like it's about to slip.

How to wear a headband wig?

The headband wigs are beginner-friendly, no laces, no glue. You can throw it on your head and be gone in seconds.

Here are some steps to install a headband wig.

Step 1: Brush the hair back and lay down the baby hair.

Brush all of your hair back and don't part your hair for a better look, you can use a small brush to add some of your real hair to the baby hair to make it look more natural.

Step 2: Apply the wig and use velcro to tighten the wig.

Throw the headband wig directly over your head and comb up the front. Take the headband and use the velcro to tighten the wig, also making sure the bottom comb is attached. Once you use the velcro to latch the headband part, it feels like it's not going anywhere or you don't have to worry about it falling off.

Step 3: Keep the headband up and stylish.

You can choose a headband of your choice in summer, put it in a ponytail and choose a colorful headband. If you want to keep your wig stable, choose a wide headband to make it more secure, this can also help hide a dark headband.

Difference between headband wigs and regular lace wigs?

Human hair wigs are an essential item in your daily life, here are some differences between headband wigs and regular lace wigs.

1. Installation

The headband is easy to put on, just throw it over your head to secure the band behind your ears and go in seconds, no glue or laces, it's also easy to adjust, just use the velcro. A regular lace wig requires glue, and there are a few different steps to cutting the lace, putting it on your head, and when you want to adjust it, you have to take it off and brush your hairline again. needed, then use glue to adjust. A regular lace wig is considered more complicated than a headband wig. Headband wigs are beginner friendly.

2. Hairline

A headband wig allows you to show off your hairline, you can use your hairline when you wear a headband wig. A regular wig has three hairlines to choose from, pre-pluck hairline, natural hairline, and widow's braid, you can choose the hairline you like, and you can deal with your hairline not required. Regular wigs give you more options for hairline. Headband wigs allow your scalp to breathe and give you a natural look to your hairline.

3. Price

The price of the headband wig is friendly to those who have limited funds. Headband wigs and regular wigs are made of 100% human hair, but headband wigs are cheap human hair wigs and more competitively priced, you can choose whatever you want. A regular wig is more expensive than a headband wig. Affordable headband wigs for every girl.

Tips on how to wear a headband wig naturally

Sometimes the shape of your face affects the effect of a headband wig. Part of being natural with your headband wig is knowing how to fit headbands with different face shapes.

If you have an oval face when you put on the headband wig, don't push the headband back too far because it will almost go up on your oval face and fall at the back, which is a little awkward. is, so applying it around your hairline will be great, stable and natural.

If you have a long face, when you put on a headband wig, you can choose curly or woven, even if you can choose a headband wig with bangs, wide headbands. Keep it up for a more natural look.

If you have a round face shape, the best headband wig length is 20 inches or more, make the face look longer.