If you are planning to build your dream home, this is an exciting time, and it isn’t every day that you get to design your living space. There are many materials to choose from in flooring, and this article offers a few great reasons for choosing cork flooring.


Cork is harvested in 7-9 year cycles, which is sustainable and makes for the perfect flooring if you care about the environment. We should all be looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and choosing cork is one way of doing just that while using natural materials creates a soothing ambience.

The Soft & Silent Walking Experience

Cork is unique because it offers a smooth, silent walking experience, which oozes comfort and luxury. If you would like to view the diverse range of flooring, there are a variety of cork floors Sydney and other cities around the world prefer. Cork is easy to keep clean; a soft brush is all it takes, and a damp mop is once a week. The floor is sealed after installation, preventing liquids from penetrating the surface.

Non-Slip Surface

Cork flooring is non-slip, perfect for kids, and there are many different finishes with cork tiles. Search online for a local flooring showroom and spend a few hours looking at the various cork finishes. You can ask the sales staff questions, and you may learn that they also offer a full installation service.

Sound Insulation

Cork absorbs sound, which offers a level of noise reduction, which is more noticeable in a large room; if backing is used, this increases the sound insulation while adding to the softness. Cork also has thermal insulating properties, which helps with energy bills.

Impact Resistant

Cork flooring is impact resistant, as it is a highly impressible and elastic material; if you drop something, it is less likely to break. If you want to experience a range of cork flooring, take a trip to a local flooring showroom and see how impact-resistant cork is.

Perfect For Kitchens & Bathrooms

Cork flooring is sealed upon installation, making it waterproof and ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Spilling fluids will not harm your floor, plus the durability of cork is perfect for high-traffic areas. There is a wide range of colours, with attractive grains to complement your home.

Professional Installation

When you approach a local flooring company, they have teams of professional floor installers who know how to prepare the substrate and install the floor as it should be. The company would offer an extended product warranty, and with a couple of coats of sealant, there’s little that can go wrong with the floor.

There are many reasons cork is the most popular flooring material. If you would like to get a quote for this type of flooring, contact a cork flooring specialist. A natural floor adds character to your home, and you will enjoy a smooth, silent walking experience.