Before selling custom keychain stickers, you should know how much they cost. There are several ways to get printed at home, which can be cost-effective and straightforward. This article will discuss your options and how to package them for shipping. In addition, it will cover the packaging options available for your stickers. You can also find out what materials are best for packaging your stickers.


Consider customising your keychains if you want to give your customers a personalized gift. These trim pieces are perfect for your keyrings and add a personal touch to your event. These products can be ordered in any shape or size and are ideal for various occasions. Most keychains are one inch square or less in length. They also come with a sizeable one-inch ring or a small half-inch ring. You can even request that there be no ring.

Cost of printing

The first step to making your own custom keychain stickers is printing your design on a colour printer. Once your design has been printed, you can cut it into individual shapes and order sticker paper. Sticker paper is an essential ingredient for a high-quality sticker. Purchase the correct type of paper for your printer and print samples before ordering in bulk.

Printing a small batch of stickers is typically less than $1 per sticker, depending on how many you want to sell. You can sell your stickers on e-commerce sites like Etsy or through a printing portal like Amazon or Walmart. The shipping cost is usually only a few dollars per sticker, and they can be made in any shape and size. And since stickers are small, you don't have to worry about space requirements.


You can purchase sticker paper and a colour printer to print your own custom keychain stickers. You can then print individual shapes and cut them out. Before printing, get the right sticker paper for your printer. You can also order your stickers from a drop shipping service. These companies take care of the printing, cutting, and sending of your orders directly to your customers. These services can be expensive, but they give you control over your stickers, which is a plus for high-volume orders.

When printing your own stickers at home, be sure to choose the proper ink cartridges. The type of ink cartridges you use can significantly impact the colours you get. Additionally, if you run out of ink, you may have to travel to the store to buy more. Compatible cartridges are made from the same components as brand-name cartridges and are tested for quality results. Compatible cartridges cost 40-50% less than the brand name equivalent.

When printing your stickers at home, make sure you use adhesive-backed material. While thermal laminating machines are more convenient for large-scale printing, they are also cheaper. Choose one that supports a high-quality adhesive and has high-quality paper for your stickers. If you're printing many custom keychain stickers at once, you may want to consider investing in a thermal laminating machine. It's also a good idea to check the durability requirements of your stickers before you start printing.

You can also purchase pre-cut sticky labels from Amazon. These labels come in basic shapes and sizes and can be cut with scissors to create a unique shape. However, it's important to note that printing stickers on sticky labels require considerable time and space, so be prepared to wait a while. Alternatively, you can even buy stickers that are already cut, but you need to pay the exact shipping costs.


When ordering custom keychains stickers, you have several different packaging options. The first one is called a standardized sheet, which includes a set size and shape of stickers. While this option is excellent for mass production, it is not ideal for individual customer stickers. Alternatively, you can choose a variable sheet, which includes several different sizes and shapes of stickers. While the latter option is more expensive, it is an effective way to market your product.

If quality is your top priority, consider custom sticker options. These are easy to apply on smooth surfaces, can be removed easily, and reflect the tastes and preferences of the buyer. A custom sticker will differ from a sticker premade by a specific manufacturer, so you get unique characters and flavorful designs that stand out. The glossy finish of custom stickers is a bonus, as well. Custom stickers are great promotional products for small businesses but also make great gifts for any holiday or occasion.

In Last:

Choose recyclable packaging for custom keychain stickers. When choosing a packaging option, keep in mind the size of your sticker and how much it will weigh. In addition, you may want to consider the type of adhesive your sticker is sticking to. Most sticker adhesives are non-recyclable, and acrylic emulsion adheres are the greenest.

A custom-made keychain can have any shape, size, and style you desire. A custom-made keychain can include a personal message, such as a heartfelt or motivational slogan. These promotional items are inexpensive and convenient, making them a great choice. Your target market will be sure to remember your message over again. And because custom keychains are so versatile, you can create any design you desire.