Choosing a location from where to begin the search for a new home is among the most challenging decisions that Mumbai home seekers have to make. After doing a lot of research, I found various options, but the Sai Sun City project impressed me the most, and I decided to get a two-bedroom set from this location. Sai Sun City is a habitation in the Taloja neighbourhood of Navi Mumbai developed by the well-known Paradise Group. These houses are available for purchase in 1 and 2 BHK configurations. Sai Sun City apartments are your perfect home for life since they come with various facilities, and excellent residences can be purchased for costs ranging from 48 to 68 lacs INR. Sai Sun City apartments are also easily accessible.

Allow the lifestyle of Sai Sun City to become an integral part of who you are, and allow luxury and relaxation to characterise the time before and after you go to work. After all, exceptional individuals such as yourself are deserving of the very best living accommodations, and the Sai Sun City apartments in Taloja provide just that.

Why Should You Invest in a Home in Sai Sun City?

The apartments in Sai Sun City are becoming more popular in the area because they provide residents with the opportunity to have a stylish and comfortable lifestyle. Multiple points of interest can be found in Sai Sun City, including magnificent towers that are 25 stories tall and contain spacious 1 and 2 BHK houses, a great club that is 35,000 square feet in size, open gardens, and areas that are specifically designed and themed for health, recreation, and leisure. The following are just some of the numerous facilities I liked the most about it:
  • Surroundings are aesthetically beautiful and functional, including a Central Plaza with flowing fountains, art installations, and sculptures.
  • Have a swimming pool, waterfalls, and lagoons, all close to one another.
  • Your children will adore this children's play area, which has swings, rides with a theme, and various sports.
  • After a hard day's work, unwind at one of the hotel's on-site caf├ęs, luxury lounges, or leisure zone.
  • A chit-chat area designated for older citizens, open-air seating areas, and gazebos designed expressly for lounging and relaxing facilities for playing ludo and chess on a life-sized board, as well as box cricket with a practice net.

The Advantages of Sai Sun City's Location

Sai Sun City is a haven for luxurious residences. It is ideally located close to the airport, the airport metro station, the railway station, and all of the significant information technology parks, educational hubs, and hospitals in the area. Other considerable locations are also close by. When you live in Sun Sai City, you will never have to travel more than a few minutes to reach your destination, but you will never have to sacrifice the comfort of your bright and sunny house. There are several reasons why you and your family will feel at home at Sai Sun City, including the following:
  • The Usatane Gaon bus station may be reached on foot in around 16 minutes.
  • The Taloja Railway Station and the Pendhar Metro Station can be reached in under ten minutes.
  • Within 15 minutes, one may get to the Corporate Park (Next BKC) location.
  • It will take 15 minutes to go to Central Park, the ISKCON Temple, and the Golf Course.
  • It would take you half an hour to reach Navi Mumbai International Airport.
  • Within four to six minutes, one may arrive at reputable hospitals such as Aashirwad Clinic and Sai Clinic, amongst others.
  • Only six to eight minutes away are a variety of educational institutions, including the Ajanta International School and the Imam Al-Khoei University.
  • Within four to fifteen minutes of walking distance, one may reach several grocery stores, retail malls, movie theatres, and other commercial and recreational centres.
You can get a clear picture of how the home is laid out and the proportions of the rooms from the floor plan. Floor plans also give you a brief idea of what the house looks like. Each of the numerous apartments in Sai Suncity may be purchased in one of three distinct configurations and can be laid out in eight separate ways. Four super areas are available for the 1 BHK apartments: 430, 695, 716, and 760 square feet. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment comes in various floor plan sizes, including 716, 1060, and 1150 square feet of extra space. The exceptionally crafted three-bedroom, the three-bathroom apartment is offered in several different floor plans with a total size of 1930 square feet. The designs include bathrooms that have been updated with modern fixtures and balconies that provide easy access to fresh air.


Buying an apartment in Sai Sun City has been one of the most positive decisions of my life. If you are looking for verified residential properties in Navi Mumbai, do check before visiting the project site.