For centuries, kitchens have held the distinction of being where everyone can gather to enjoy the true essence of family. As a result, this room is typically a high-traffic area. So, if you have a large family, it becomes essential to use clever kitchen design to maximise the available space.

Here are a few guidelines to help create the ideal kitchen for a large family.

Create the right floor plan

Your floor plan is a foundational aspect. It dictates the function and flow of the room. Moreover, the floor plan influences the amount of space available, which, in turn, dictates your layout. Therefore, installing a specific kitchen design may not be feasible. Instead, what you get may be a creative confluence of your preferences and your designer’s creativity or adaptability.

You can team up with a professional designer to create a kitchen design that reflects your style and maintains your ideal functionality based on your interests. For example, you can add a handy desk in a corner to accommodate your work-from-home needs or as a children’s study area. Alternatively, you can let interests like baking dictate the fixtures you incorporate, such as specialist drawers and multiple ovens.

If the space permits it, you may also consider installing an island. This addition becomes a valuable multi-functional surface that lends itself well to all uses, including food preparation and service, extra storage and seating that accommodates working, dining or socialising.

Establish zones

Creating clear zones helps enhance and maintain proper kitchen organisation while satisfying your large family’s numerous needs. The individual zone demarcations rely on your preferences and may include storage, food prep, dining, cooking and even home office areas.

Once determined, you can plan your layout around these divisions so that, for example, the food prep zone is close to the refrigerator, sink and dishwasher. Likewise, the storage zone must stay organised and clutter-free, and dining spaces must have ample room for pulling out chairs and seating.


Having a large household means needing a lot of things. As a result, storage becomes a vital component of the whole setup. Ample storage means it is easier to stay organised and worry-free, especially if you and your family lead busy lives. In addition, enough storage helps eliminate clutter while keeping the most-oft and crucial things in plain sight.

One of the secrets to a well-designed kitchen is incorporating clever, optimised storage solutions. This approach often calls for you to consider every inch from the ceiling to the floor a viable option. Therefore, it is possible to install ceiling-height cabinets, recessed shelving or ingenious corner units based on your needs.

Supersize your appliances

Since having a large family means consuming more food, it is essential to have ample storage space. Therefore, it may be best to increase the size of your major appliances, particularly the freezer, fridge, dishwasher and sink.

Low maintenance surfaces

It is best to opt for easily maintained surfaces for which straightforward cleaning and resistance to heat, scratching, and staining is a built-in features. Also, remember that light, matte surfaces hide fingerprints and smudge better than dark, glossy ones.

If you incorporate these kitchen design tips, you can create a space that easily accommodates your family, regardless of size. Moreover, with some professional input, you can bring the kitchen of your dreams to life.