People hire tree services for a variety of reasons. They may have a tree on their property that looks ill and needs removal. A tree might need trimming because it hangs over the home, or people might turn to this service to plant a new tree. They want to ensure it develops solid roots and thrives.

Individuals who work for a tree service have the knowledge and experience the average person lacks. They also have equipment designed specifically for this job. What should a person look for when hiring an arborist?

Insurance Minimums

The first question a property owner should ask an arborist concerns the company's insurance. The owner needs to know if they will be protected if something goes wrong on the job.

A worker might fall from a tree. The tree may come down on the home or another building on the property. Someone might be injured by a falling limb. Follow up with the insurance company to ensure the policy is in effect.

Arborist Experience

It's always best to hire an experienced arborist. A tree can do significant damage to a property in little time. Look for a company that has been in operation for a minimum of ten years.

Pop-up businesses are a concern in the industry. People who have cut down a tree on their own property may offer their services to others. Don't allow an arborist to work on the property without proof they are established in the industry.

Licensing and Credentials

A reputable company will be willing to share its licensing and credentials. In fact, the license number should be memorized by the arborist so they can easily share it with clients. Learn which associations they belong to because they have standards that must be met.

Subcontractor Use

A tree company should employ certified arborists rather than relying on subcontractors. A company may claim it has certified arborists only with one on staff. Choose a company with a minimum of two experienced arborists.

Safety Measures

Every tree company should have measures in place to protect the property. They should be willing to share this information with clients in layman's terms. For instance, they need to use plywood to protect the yard from damage caused by their equipment.

Equipment Considerations

Learn which equipment the tree contractor will use while completing the project. They should have a whole arsenal of tools for the job. In fact, the only equipment a reputable contractor may need to rent would be a crane.

However, the equipment must also be appropriately used. Ask if the equipment operator has been certified by OSHA. Are workers required to wear protective gear while on the property? If the answer to these questions is no, it's best to choose another tree service.

Never hire a tree service without gathering the above information. In addition, ask for references and read online reviews. The arborist should provide a free estimate for the project and a written quote. This makes it easy to compare the options. Once all sections have been received, evaluate them to ensure each contractor fulfils the abovementioned requirements.

Make a choice based on which company meets all requirements and is easy to work with. Individuals who ask these questions discover choosing the right contractor for tree maintenance isn't as hard as they imagined.