Surgical Error Lawyer

If you are a victim of surgical error, you may be considering a lawsuit. Surgical error suits are complex, and a surgical error lawyer can help you navigate the process. Read more to learn five reasons you shouldn't wait to contact an attorney about your surgical error case.

Do You Need a Surgical Error Lawyer? 5 Reasons You Shouldn't Wait

They Will Answer Your Questions

Surgical errors are some of the most severe medical malpractice cases. If you are struggling with the ramifications of a surgical error, you are at the beginning of a complicated process. Some questions need to be answered with guidance from an attorney as soon as possible so you can proceed practically.

Is It Medical Malpractice?

Before you can think about proceeding with a case, you need an attorney to determine whether your case is medical malpractice. Medical treatment must follow a standard of care, the minimum level of care that a reasonable healthcare worker would provide to a similar patient under similar circumstances.

It is usually reasonably simple to establish if a surgical error fell below the standard of care. But once you determine that you received substandard care, you must identify the extent of the harm and damages. An attorney will help you assess these conditions so you can proceed.

Is It a Never Event?

Some surgical errors are so critical that they fall in a category known as “never events.” A never event is a shocking medical error with potentially devastating and debilitating consequences. Surgical errors in this category include surgery on the wrong body part or the wrong patient.

If this is the type of error you were subject to, you are probably struggling physically and incurring a lot of medical expenses, and it's crucial to act as quickly as possible. A skilled attorney can ensure you get fair compensation which could include the costs of any ongoing treatment you may be receiving due to the damage from the error. You need them to help you understand the severity of your case and who is responsible for the damage.

They Will Determine the Liability

Surgeons have one of the highest malpractice rates in healthcare. Determining the extent to which your surgeon is liable and if someone else may be held liable along with them is a complicated process that you need to initiate with an attorney immediately after discovering the error.

While it may seem easy to assign responsibility to the surgeon who made the error, cases of vicarious liability occur wherein hospitals or other employers are also held liable for surgical errors. You do not have unlimited time to file a lawsuit, and you must establish who needs to be held accountable for your surgical error as early as possible.

They Will Ensure You File According to the Statute of Limitations

Like all medical malpractice cases, you must file a surgical error suit according to the statute of limitations. In Maryland, the statute of limitations states that you must file your lawsuit within five years of the injury or within three years of the date you discovered the injury. Whichever applies to you, there is a time limit on your case. That is why you shouldn't wait to find a surgical error lawyer in Baltimore to help you.

Once you determine that you have a solid medical malpractice case and can file within the statute of limitations, several steps need to be taken in a particular order or you risk your case getting dismissed by the court. An attorney will help you navigate the filing process.

They Will Organize Your Case

You still need to act quickly if you are within the statute of limitations. Collecting paperwork, such as medical bills and documents, as well as gathering expert witness testimony are tasks that your attorney will assume or help you with. For a case to be successful, you need substantial evidence. Even if your case seems straightforward, an attorney will help you get the right evidence as efficiently as possible.

To Preserve Your Health and Well-Being

From a health and safety standpoint, surgical error cases are physically and emotionally taxing. Adding the stress of a lawsuit onto an already fragile physical condition could prompt further damage to your body and emotional health. Once you contact a skilled attorney, they shoulder the burden of the case for you so you can focus on your healing while they do the heavy lifting.

As you can see, surgical error cases are serious and require immediate action to get the justice you deserve. Building a medical malpractice case requires expertise and an understanding of the complexities of the law. Contact an attorney to help you understand and file your case as soon as possible.