When it comes to painting your commercial space, the possibilities are endless. There are many factors to consider before diving in and choosing the right paint for you, including the location of your commercial property, the materials and surfaces of your building, its size, and more. When renovating your commercial space, you can get many different paint types from commercial painting companies. Picking the correct type of paint is essential for achieving optimal results. Here are 5 Types of Paint 

Typically Used in Commercial Buildings:

1. Exterior Paint

Exterior paint is used to cover exterior walls, as the name suggests. It comes in both oil-based and latex varieties. Oil-based paints are typically thicker and more durable than latex paints, but they also take longer to dry and can emit a strong odour during application. Exterior paint is generally used on commercial buildings made of concrete or other hard, non-porous materials such as metal. If you paint a structure made of wood with exterior paint, it may peel or chip due to the wood's porous nature. Exterior paint is typically used to cover the walls of commercial buildings like warehouses and manufacturing plants. It may also be used on exterior walls adjacent to public areas like strip malls or restaurants.

2. Interior Primer

Interior primer prepares your walls' surface before applying your interior paint. It has a neutral pH safe on any surface, including wood, concrete, and drywall. Interior primer can be applied to virtually any surface and is often used in commercial settings as a base coat for darker or bolder paints. It can also be used as a stand-alone paint for low-traffic areas like storage rooms and break rooms. A good interior primer can extend the life of the paint beneath it and improve its appearance by covering up imperfections like chips and cracks. It can also help seal in odours and pollutants, making it ideal for rooms like restrooms and garages.

3. Commercial Grade Paint

Commercial grade paint is typically a high-quality latex paint sold in smaller quantities, which you can generally find at big box retailers and home improvement stores. Commercial grade paint is often used as a base coat for bolder paints, such as metallic or pearl. Commercial grade paint is typically used on commercial buildings made of wood. It can also be used on concrete surfaces but won't be as durable as exterior paint on concrete. While commercial grade paint may be less expensive per gallon than other paint types, you may need to purchase more to cover a larger commercial space. Commercial grade paint is best for smaller commercial spaces like offices and retail stores.

4. Solid Color Paint

Solid paint comes in a single colour with no other design or pattern. It can be used on interior or exterior surfaces but primarily on interior walls and ceilings. Solid colour paint is best for commercial spaces that are made of wood. It should not be used on concrete or other hard, non-porous surfaces. Solid colour paint is often used in paint schemes with a single colour throughout the space and is an all-over pattern and an excellent choice for bolder areas.

5. Metallic Paint

Metallic paint is paint that contains actual flakes of metal that give it a shimmery appearance. It can come in many colours, although it's typically found in gold, silver, and copper shades. Metallic paint is used on exterior walls or hard, non-porous commercial surfaces. Metallic paint is an excellent choice for commercial buildings made of concrete or other hard surfaces. It can be applied to interior walls, but it may need to be sealed to prevent staining. Metallic paint is best for large commercial properties like stadiums and office buildings. It can be applied to exterior walls to increase privacy, create visual interest, and add value to your commercial property.


Picking the correct type of paint is essential for achieving optimal results. Exterior paint covers concrete walls outside, while the interior primer is best for preparing walls to receive interior paint. Commercial grade paint is best for wood surfaces, while solid colour paint is best for bolder spaces. Metallic paint is ideal for exterior walls and high-profile commercial buildings.


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