Massage guns are frequently referred to as "percussive massage treatment" or "vibration therapy." They typically use rechargeable batteries and have removable attachments. Once the gun is held over your muscles and turned on, the wings vibrate or "percuss" at a high rate and a low intensity, which users believe helps with exercise recovery or relieves aches from prolonged sitting. However, there are a few crucial characteristics that experts advise you to look for so that you don’t feel itchy after using a Massage Gun and also to ensure you make the right purchase.

Stroke Depth and Percussions per Minute (PPM)

The stroke depth is one aspect of a massage gun that producers tout. The depth at which the massager will penetrate your muscles is usually expressed in millimetres. Some of the finest models penetrate the muscles to a depth of 16mm. You may find alternatives that go deeper, but don't feel obligated to select the gadget that goes the deepest.PPM, or Percussions per Minute, is the number of thumps your body essentially takes in a minute. It is quoted in thousands, which gives you an idea of the product's power. (More percussions = more power) One thing to remember is that the PPM given must be balanced with the stroke. A gadget with a shorter stroke depth typically produces a greater PPMbecause it is not going as deep.

Stall Force

The degree of force you can deliver to a motor before it stalls is known as the stall force, and the greater the stall force of a massage gun, the more firmly you can apply pressure to your body. Therefore, pick a massage gun with a higher stall force if you want to use it primarily on the larger muscle groups, like the quads or hip flexors. For regular household use, many well-known brands of massagers offer stall forces of 40 to 60 lbs.


There are numerous different designs for massage guns. Some can be held by the battery, while others have handles. Some are sleek and contemporary, while others continue to have a more functional style. Whatever your preference, it's crucial to pick one that fulfils your requirements. The location of the grips and power button, for example, may not suit your style. Some versions have long handles that make it much simpler to reach those difficult locations. Some even have a rotating head with three positions that you may adjust for different angles.

Portability and the battery life

Since most users of massage guns are gym lovers, they must transport their massager from one location to another. The majority of massage guns include a case, making carrying them simpler. Additionally, while you can remove the batteries in specific massagers, you cannot remove them in others. While some massagers' batteries can last up to eight hours without recharging, others possess a battery life of 1 hour or less. So consider how crucial battery charge is to you.

If you don’t want to feel itchy after using a Massage Gun, it is crucial to make your purchase from a reputable manufacturer. Also, consider choosing a massage gun from a respected manufacturer with a solid warranty to be safe if it isn't exactly what you expected, or maybe something goes awry.