Flaunting luxurious locks is a blessing in disguise that some people have. The question that every girl asks once in a lifetime is if her hair is too thin. The add-ons are modern cultured ways of flaunting voluminous, long, and healthy hair. They add considerable volume and thickness to the locks and the luxury of luscious locks to every girl's life.

Hand tied extensions have their benefits as they are very comfortable and do not add an extra burden on your head. You might want to experiment with your looks, but you do not want to do anything too adventurous- hair extensions are the right solution.

However, are there any considerations a client needs to consider when getting hair extensions? Yes, choosing the right type is essential. Hand-tied add-ons might be your choice if you want hassle-free luxurious braids once again.

What Are Hand-Tied Extensions?
The term "hand-tied" refers to the technique followed while attaching the hair extensions to the original hair. The time also indicated how these extensions are produced. When bought, they will be tied together in different sections called wefts. Wefts can be made in two ways: hand-tied and machine-tied.

Hand-tied sections or wefts use hand labour to combine separate strands and convert them into one area. These extensions, thus, have smaller stitches than the machine-tied ones and are easy to use. Their hand-tied technology makes them less bulky.

Reasons You Should Consider Before Buying

They Can Be Treated Like Natural Hair

Hand-tied extensions are easy to treat and do not need an infinite amount of unique products. They blend in with the locks naturally and do not require extra care and attention. They can be styled like natural hair and do not need any additional tools and equipment. Any person wearing them can save up a lot of time.

Blend In Seamlessly

These hair additions come in various colours and lengths, making the blend with natural seamless. They ensure finely blended, invisible natural looking hair from top to bottom without any creases. They are easily concealed, and it is possible to style your locks in stylish ways with these on.

The Options Are Endless

Hand-tied weft extensions come in many variants, not just different colour variants but also varied lengths. They are also available in copious styles- from wavy to straight and curly. Their practical use gives the client the advantage of styling the hair they want. They are versatile, and that is why they are becoming the popular choice.

Durable And Comfortable

Because each weft is hand stitched with precision, it adds to the advantages of the extensions as it makes them comfortable to wear. The hand weft makes the additions very strong and prevents any shedding. They are thinner and do not feel bulky on the head. Also, these are more durable than most of the other types.


They can be used like regular locks. Whoever wears them should not be scared of doing any routine activity. They are comfortable for swimming, running, walking, gymming, etc., and can be styled with heat tools, mousses, and any styling sprays. They do not get easily damaged, and they can be coloured taking help from a professional stylist.

Hand-tied add-ons are very versatile and make use of comfortable technology. Initially, they may be like something attached to scalp follicles, but as the weeks pass, they blend in with your natural locks and start to feel restful. They add enough strength and make your locks look healthier and shinier.