Criminal Law Attorney On Identity Theft Charges

An identity theft charge is a serious matter that can lead to severe punishments upon conviction. Clear your name with a criminal law attorney in TX.

Identity theft has become an even bigger problem in this fast-growing digital world. In 2021, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reported that in Texas alone, there were 146,111 reported identity theft cases. This means that there were 510 incidents of ID theft for every 100,000 residents, making Texas the 12th in the ranking of states with the highest cases of identity theft.

It has undeniably become a huge concern for the public. And it can happen to anyone and in many different ways. Things can get even more problematic for a person charged with identity theft. It can lead to severe penalties, including a considerable fine and many years in state prison. Seek legal assistance from a criminal law attorney in Fort Worth, TX, to ensure you avoid unjust punishment.

What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft, sometimes called ID theft, happens when a person steals another’s identity and uses it to cause them harm. A defendant can be charged with this crime if they use another individual's personal information to get goods, services, or anything of value without permission. Personal information can include:
  • A person’s name and date of birth.
  • Biometric data like fingerprint or retina image.
  • Electronic ID number.
  • Telecommunication access device.
  • Social Security Number.
  • Any government-issued ID number.
Identity theft is considered a felony, and being convicted can cause severe damage. If you live in Fort Worth or a nearby area, seek the advice of an experienced criminal law attorney to better understand these consequences.

How Can Identity Be Stolen?

Nowadays, there are various methods used to steal another person’s identity. And it can happen to anyone, both the living and the dead, to a minor or an adult. Here are some common ways identity theft can happen.

Credit Card Skimming

Credit card skimming is one of the most traditional ways of stealing a person’s identity. It is a method in which a small device is installed in an ATM to capture a user’s card information. ATMs with skimming devices are usually hard to identify, especially if unfamiliar. It can steal important information such as your PIN as you slide your card into the machine. Thieves can then use these stolen data to make a purchase or transfer money.


This method of stealing information has also become more common nowadays. Phishing happens when someone pretends to be a legitimate organization and uses email or phone calls to obtain information such as bank account numbers, social security numbers, or any other confidential information. Elderly people are the most common victims of this type of theft as they tend to be too trusting.


Hacking can also be used for identity theft. Someone can forcefully break into personal computers or databases to obtain personal information. People can use it to apply for credit card accounts, transfer money, or even take loans under the victim’s name.

Stealing Personal Things

Identity theft can be done by simply taking another person’s belongings without knowing. These can be wallets or bags that carry an individual’s identification cards or debit and credit cards. It can be done by anyone as it doesn’t involve any special tools or equipment.

How Serious Is An Identity Theft Charge In Texas?

Being charged with identity theft in Texas is a serious matter. A person convicted of such a crime can face various punishments, including a prison sentence. If you encounter an identity theft charge, you must seek help from a criminal defence attorney in Fort Worth, TX, to protect yourself from severe consequences.

The punishment for stealing another person’s identity varies depending on certain conditions. Different penalties may be imposed on someone convicted of ID theft. In cases of fraudulent use or possession of credit card or debit card information, for example, the punishment depends on the number of items obtained by the offender.
  • The number of items is less than five - This can be considered a state jail felony, and a person may be charged with a fine of at most $10,000 and/or jail time of 180 days to two years in state prison.
  • The number of items is five to nine - It becomes a third-degree felony, and/or one can be fined up to $10,000 and given a sentence of two to ten years in state prison.
  • The number of items is 10 to 49 - This is considered a second-degree felony, and a court may impose a fine of up to $10,000 and/or a sentence of two to twenty years in state prison.
  • The number of items is more than 49 - It becomes a first-degree felony with a fine of at most $10,000 and/or jail time of five to ninety-nine years in state prison.
An identity theft charge in Texas can become a complex matter. Its conviction can lead to many severe penalties. If you are charged with this crime, having an experienced criminal defence attorney by your side is essential to clear your name.

Defense Against Identity Theft Charges

Being charged with identity theft can be frightening, but it is not yet the time to panic. Consult with a criminal law attorney in Fort Worth, TX, to know about possible defences that may be used to keep your records clean. Depending on your situation, these may keep you from getting a conviction.
  • The lack of intent to cause harm or defraud another person.
  • A mistake of fact.
  • The defendant’s age; Texas law may allow less severe punishment to minors.

Let A Criminal Law Attorney In Fort Worth, TX Help

An identity theft charge is a grave matter. One wrong step can lead to a conviction and severe punishments. A skilled criminal law attorney in Fort Worth, TX, can help protect your rights.

Medlin Law Firm and it's experienced criminal defense attorneys know the difficulties of facing criminal charges. They have the knowledge and experience to help you deal with such allegations. The firm understands what is at stake and would be ready to assist you in keeping your records clean.

Being charged with identity theft and later convicted can have severe consequences for your job prospects and even the chance to secure a home loan. An experienced criminal law attorney from Medlin Law Firm can stand by your side to put up a solid defense against such charges.