The foundation of international trade and the global economy is shipping. A shipping or logistics business controls and supervises the transportation procedure. Every day millions of goods are transported domestically and globally. The items transported by truck, train, ship, or aeroplane are referred to as freight.

Shipping from US to Canada can be done by rail, road, ocean, or air. Almost 63.7 million exports in Canada resulted in over 39.55 billion dollars in revenue for the shipping sector in 2018. The domestic maritime industry in America generates more than $150 billion and provides 650,000 jobs.

Shipping services are urgently needed by numerous enterprises all around the world. It aids in the seamless functioning of relocating their office, shifting to a new location, or purchasing new equipment from a far-off area. Residential and commercial sectors are also benefiting from the effectiveness of shipping services. People relocating to a different city or nation hire appropriate shipping services to transport their belongings to the new place.

For items to be delivered to different parts of Canada safely, promptly, and affordably, freight shipping from the US to Canada is essential. In 2020, the Canadian maritime freight sector generated $9.6 billion in revenue. By 2027, it is anticipated that the third-party logistics market in Canada will grow to $3,010.7 million. Almost 1.5 billion short tonnes of cargo were transported by water-based shipping in the United States of America in 2020.

What Are The Different Modes Of Freight Shipping?

Trucks, railroad vehicles, and massive ships with containers are the modes of transportation most frequently related to freight cargo. Here are the different types of shipping services offered by a freight company.

Road Transport

The road is a standard mode of transportation for small or modest-sized commodities that must be transported within a single nation. Large trucks are typically used to transmit cargo and are constantly driven to their destination by experienced drivers. It is a rapid and practical method of moving freight. Road transportation is primarily used if the pick-up area and delivery location are in the same nation.

Rail Freight

More oversized products can be transported easily by rail. Rail shipment is an excellent choice if you want to move massive items like two-wheelers, machinery, giant appliances, and other things without worrying about delivery duration. If necessary, high-end rail freight businesses can arrange for products to be carried by rail and road.

Ocean Or Sea Freight

Ocean or sea freight transportation is one of the cheapest means of delivering desired items to many nations worldwide. It is a cost-effective choice for firms that wish to ship their products to different countries. All kinds of freight, regardless of size, shape, or weight, can be transported by ocean.

Air Freight

The best mode of transportation for freight is via air if you prioritize swift shipping. The cargo can be delivered to practically any major city worldwide using specialized shipment planes. Regular cargo flights are available for most cities, allowing you to ship the items immediately if necessary.

Bottom Line

These are the four primary freight shipping methods through which you can transport goods in different parts of Canada from the US. It is best to choose the ideal shipping service depending on your final destination, budget, delivery time, and other customized factors.