House Moving Recommendations
If you're planning to move to Eagle, Idaho, there are many things you should know. Oddly, you've already picked out a great house, and now it's time to plan the house move. Consider these tips as you prepare for your move.
  1. Do what you can before contacting house moving companies. Before looking for a professional mover, go around your home and prepare things independently. For example, selling items that you no longer need or use can save you the cost of packing these items, and you won't have to deal with them when you move into your new home. You can also set aside things that have a lot of sentimental value to you to ensure they won't get misplaced during the move.
  2. Make a move-in schedule. This is particularly important for people who are moving locally. If you’re planning to move in small groups, then it’s essential to make a schedule to ensure that you are making progress. Otherwise, it’s easy to just blow through your deadlines.
  3. Collect a lot of boxes. For a typical house, it’s easy to go through hundreds of dollars in boxes, paper, and packing tape. Start collecting boxes as soon as you know you’re moving from friends, family members, and local stores. Even small boxes can be used to protect dishes and glassware. While your moving company can supply a lot, you'll always be glad to have more boxes.
  4. Borrow blankets and use your own bedding. Ask friends and family to borrow their old blankets and towels. Also, set aside your own blankets and towels to wrap breakable items. Most people will be glad to help you move, as long as it doesn’t mean they have to lift your couch onto a truck. Just make sure to give everything back when you’re done. However, if you come up short, don't be afraid to ask the moving company for extras. Reputable companies will have plenty of packing materials.
  5. Share the work. If you have friends who are moving around the same time as you, offer to help them move in exchange for their help with your move. It’s easier to convince someone to share work than to convince your friends to help you move. Of course, for the truly heavy stuff, call a professional.
  6. Look for deals on equipment, supplies, and professional help. Coupon sites often run specials on rental trucks and moving supplies. It may also be possible to find discount codes for rental equipment.
  7. Consider purchasing a dolly. They usually cost under $100, and you'll want them to help move items throughout your old and new house. While the moving company will come with their own equipment, having one of your own can make a moving day, and the packing and unpacking before and afterwards go a lot smoother.
  8. Set up your utilities early. Making sure you have water and power turned on will make everything much easier. It will also give you time to shop around and compare rates on services such as cable and internet.
  9. Don’t get cheap on wrapping breakable items. Dishes, vases, and other fragile items are worth the cost of extra wrapping material such as bubble wrap. This is especially true if you’re moving a long distance. Good moving companies understand this, which is why they often looks to customers as if they're overwrapping. Spend time and money to protect the things necessary to you.
  10. Sell your big stuff to save money. The cheapest way to move large objects is to not move them. If you’re paying for shipping by the pound, consider the cost of moving individual items such as pianos or tables, and compare it to what it would cost to buy the item again after you’ve forced. If it costs more to ship it, sell it before you leave.
  11. Sell your little stuff to save time and space. Smaller items can take up a lot of room and have to be packed into moving boxes, which can consume a lot of time for professional movers. Sort through everything you own, hold a yard sale, and get rid of stuff before you go.
  12. Donate. If you don’t have time to sell anything, make piles of stuff that can be donated before you go. Take the tax deduction for your donation.
  13. Use totes instead of boxes. Plastic totes can be reused multiple times, and later on they can be used to store stuff in the basement or attic. Professional movers may even pick a number of your items into their own reusable packaging. It saves money on boxes, and it's better for the environment.
  14. Recycle. Eagle, Idaho has a great recycling program for cardboard and other items. When you're done with your move, try to give away your boxes to other movers, then recycle what no one will take.
  15. File your taxes carefully. In many cases, moving expenses are considered tax deductible. If this is the case for you, make sure you save your receipts so that you can get credit next spring for your move. This includes the cost of professional movers.