We offer educational programs for the early, elementary, optional, and secondary years. Understudies signed up for our optional school program will follow an academic plan that finishes in the IGCSE assessments at Grades 9 and 10, one of the most well-known optional educational programs in Singapore and worldwide. Internationally, more than 70 subjects, including 30 dialects, are accessible through IGCSE. This educational program is an excellent groundwork for A Levels and IBDP subject courses.

What is IGCSE?

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education, or IGCSE, is an English-based test created by the University of Cambridge. Numerous auxiliary understudies, including those signed up for OWIS, will take the IGCSE before applying to college. At OWIS, we feel that the IGCSE educational plan program is the ideal choice for our worldwide school, as it prepares understudies for this thorough assessment.

Our IGCSE educational plan covers different subjects, from customary courses like arithmetic, history and geology to current issues like artistry, technique and data, correspondence and innovation. Subjects are shown in scope of configurations, and understudies have the valuable chance to figure out more about every one of these preceding pursuing their choice of the subject they will take. A few understudies might incline toward a course with more coursework or test concentration or favour one with a more equivalent blend of both.


Initially founded on the UK GCE O Level assessments, IGCSE content has been adjusted to suit the requirements of worldwide understudies who are not concentrating in the UK. While the prospectuses offer a worldwide viewpoint, content holds a nearby significance and has been painstakingly evolved to avoid social inclination. It likewise guarantees that our understudies are offered the chance to follow an educational program by schools in different locales.

It plans them as they go through their schooling and allows them to concentrate on A Levels or the International Baccalaureate. IGCSEs deal with a more extensive scope of subjects and empower high scholarly norms through a down-to-earth way of coping with educating and learning.

Subject substance

Applying information and understanding to new as well as unique circumstances
  • Scholarly request
  • Adaptability and responsiveness to change
  • Working and conveying in English
  • Affecting results
  • Social mindfulness
IGCSE is customized to a multicultural, multilingual crowd, which is excellent for our different understudy bodies at OWIS. Our understudies benefit from the opportunity to pick subjects ideal for them, with successful understudies driving themselves further through the drawn-out educational program.

It additionally gives our understudies benchmarks for picking their future subjects. For example, understudies with energy for a vocation in the clinical circle might decide to zero in on the more science-based issues. However, as they can pick various subjects, they might choose something creative and reasonable. This takes into consideration balanced schooling with a scope of abilities, both intellectual and pragmatic.

IGCSE Pre-Requisites: How to Prepare Your Child for Success

IGCSE assessment is a two-year program beginning at Grade 9. At OWIS, our understudies follow a changed UK educational plan from Grade 6 to Grade 8, which set them up for the understudy detailed IGCSE assessments toward the finish of Grade 10. While gainful, it is anything but essential for understudies to have finished a worldwide basic educational program before signing up for the IGCSE educational programs.

Understudies are free to join at the Grade 9 level and afterwards require the long-term IGCSE assessments, complete toward the finish of Grade 10. At OWIS, we assist with setting up our understudies for progress in IGCSEs by offering the Primary Years Program in elementary school and a changed UK educational plan in the centre years.

What Does IGCSE Teach the Children?

The IGCSE educational plan covers five fundamental subject gatherings:
  • English language and writing
  • Dialects
  • Science
  • Sciences
  • The Arts
The Cambridge Assessment International Education Board licenses our IGCSE program at OWIS, and understudies are granted Cambridge IGCSEs toward the finish of Grade 10. This wide evaluation range permits understudies to exhibit their learning regardless of whether English is not their most memorable language. This incredibly famous capability opens up ways for additional review, and afterwards to Universities and vocations all over the planet. Contingent upon the course, appraisals might incorporate composed, oral, and practical coursework.

For the people who communicate in different dialects, there is the best an open door for them to concentrate on this, where the course is presented in that language, and consequently gain an IGCSE in a language they are particular about. Understudies who effectively complete IGCSE are ready for IBDP and Level coursework. At OWIS, we keep supporting our understudies from IGCSE onto IBDP or A Level and guarantee that the change starting with one and then onto the next is as smooth as expected. Please visit below for further details. Good luck.

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