More people are tackling DIY projects around the home than ever before. Since the pandemic, interest in DIY projects has soared as more people had time at home to complete the projects. While there are plenty of renovation projects the average homeowner can do, repairing or replacing drywall should be avoided. It may look easy to do, but there are several reasons why homeowners should skip the DIY and call in the pros.

It Won't Look as Good.

One of the biggest reasons it's not a good idea to DIY drywall is that it just doesn't look as good. Getting everything perfectly smooth, blending in repairs so they aren't noticeable, and hanging drywall correctly to avoid issues are all difficult. A drywall contractor has the training and experience needed to do the job right and to make sure it looks outstanding when the job is done.

It Will Mean More Trips to the Store

More trips to the store are likely with DIY projects. On average, homeowners will make at least two to three trips to a home improvement store to complete even smaller DIY projects. With drywall, homeowners may need to return to get the correct screws, upgrade their drill or buy a new one, get a drywall saw for repairs, or simply replace products that were wrong for the job.

Smooth Repairs are Challenging

No matter the size of the repair, making sure it is smooth can be difficult. Videos often show more extensive repairs quickly, but getting the new piece in place, straight and smooth with the rest of the wall, is challenging. Properly smoothing the tape and mud when installing total panels can be difficult, too, and anything that could be smoother will be visible when the job is done.

Matching Texture and Paint are Hard

Even if the homeowner can fix any issues with the drywall, ensuring it blends in and is unnoticeable is incredibly challenging. If the walls are textured, homeowners will need to determine the type of texture and learn how to copy it to blend in the space. Then, the right color will be required. Colors can change while they're drying, so it can take a while to see if the color is a good match. Plus, colors will fade due to sun exposure, so the leftover paint from when the walls were painted may not be a match anymore.

It Can Be Dangerous

Most people need to realize that working on drywall can be dangerous. When installing new drywall, safety is paramount, as drywall sheets are heavy. Depending on the type, they can weigh 50 pounds or more. Then there's everything inside the wall. While it can be a mess to end up drilling through a water pipe, homeowners can be seriously injured if they dig through electrical wires running through the walls. There are also safety concerns with ladders, power tools, and more when working on the drywall.

Drywall is more challenging than it looks to repair or install, and any potential issues will be noticeable for years. Instead of trying to DIY the project and wasting time and money to get a result that isn't as good as expected, let the pros handle the job. Schedule a time to get an estimate or to learn more about options for your upcoming project today.

When it comes to home improvement, specific projects are best left to the professionals. Drywall repair, for instance, requires a particular set of skills and tools to ensure a seamless finish. If you're dealing with damaged drywall, consider contacting a drywall repair company in Dallas, TX. Their expertise can save you time and effort and provide a result that enhances the overall aesthetic of your space.