A vital tool for the enterprise is a DDI solution (DNS, DHCP, and IP address management solution). Businesses continue to add new IP addresses to their network at an ever-increasing rate as they expand, whether through market dominance or mergers and acquisitions.

In the past, assigning and managing IP addresses was quite simple, but with the current boom of IP-connected devices, this is no longer the case. Additionally, businesses must be prepared to handle a considerable increase in IP address assignments across the network because the new IPv6 protocol will make trillions of unique IP addresses available. There are many DDI solutions available, and you can choose one according to your needs by creating a DDI solution comparison.

What is the DDI solution?

The short response to the query "What is DDI?" is the control of DNS, DHCP, and IP addresses (IPAM). It is a slang term for combining these three crucial networking elements into a single platform for administration. It offers a consolidated management interface for the DNS and DHCP services.

Investing in a reliable DDI solution pays off handsomely, primarily by boosting network security and system performance.

Why do you need one?

A corporation can configure, automate, integrate, and manage IP addresses and other services with the help of the DDI solution. Below are the benefits.

Automation in Management

Automation of network administration is one of its main advantages. You can gain a lot of advantages by automating your firm. It reduces the chance of human error and eliminates the need for physical effort, leading to greater efficiency and more time for other duties.

Performance of the Network

Utilising the DDI solution can also help you improve the effectiveness of your network. Your network will always run smoothly with a DDI solution because your network services will be centralised. As a result, operating your network will take less time, and you can unwind knowing that it is in capable hands.

Greater Visibility

You will have a better grasp of your network, thanks to DDI. This will display the connected devices as well as details about DNS requests. This information can spot errors, incorrect usage, and potential outage hotspots. This is required to keep your network configured correctly and prevent service outages.

With a DDI system, everything is centralised for you, making it simple to monitor network activities and look at metrics. You'll need one to maintain your network functioning properly, which is another reason.

Cost Reduction

Another advantage of using a DDI solution is the decrease in operating costs. Any network service's price must be taken into account. You may already know that any network may get expensive, especially if you want to grow.

Using separate DNS, DHCP, and IPAM services will cost you a lot of money to purchase each. On the other hand, a DDI system that offers all of these services will cost less overall.