Nintendo's latest console is innovative and quirky just like its controllers. Follow our guide to choosing yours, by discovering our selection of the best Switch controllers!

The press and gamers are unanimous: the Switch's controllers, the famous Joy-Con, are little technological gems, especially with their absolutely stunning new generation HD vibration. However, despite their technical qualities, this duo of controllers is far from being really adapted to certain types of games. It would be much more pleasant to play Skyrim, Zelda: Breath To The Wild or Doom with a more traditional pad.

1. Nintendo Switch Pro

The Switch controller for big gamers

Are you an unconditional Nintendo fan? Games like Mario Kart or Fast RMX hold no secrets for you? There are also Switch pro controllers to help you show off your skills: more ergonomic, more durable and more precise, the one designed directly by Nintendo will meet the highest demands. It boasts a 40-hour battery life, and incredibly comfortable grip and an extremely responsive response to player commands. The Nintendo Switch Pro in a nutshell: The pluses: The minuses:. 40 hours of autonomy. . The price. Can be used on a computer. Perfect for those who are used to the old controllers. Gyroscope and HD vibrations.


  • 40 hours of autonomy.
  • Usable on computer.
  • Perfect for those used to the old controllers.
  • HD gyro and vibration.


  • Price.

2. Nintendo Joy-Con

The colourful Switch controller

The Japanese firm has chosen to opt for a pair of controllers for its Switch, called Joy-Con. For those who have lost or broken one of these two accessories, don't panic! It is possible to order them separately. If this is your case, you even have the opportunity, by the way, to change the colour: originally red and blue, the controllers can then adopt a more sober look based on shades of grey. Other assortments are also available: yellow, pink and green, etc.


  • Nintendo's pro-quality.
  • Many colours are available.
  • Impeccable grip.


  • The higher price.

3. iConic Zelda Switch Controller

The Legend of Zelda look for the wired Switch controller

Wireless controllers are becoming more and more common on home consoles. Nintendo is no exception: with the Joy-Con, you do have a wireless model. However, many users prefer the advantages of a cable, as this avoids the issue of battery life. That's why you can also find wired controllers. But the accessory proposed by Core Plus goes further, the device adopting customization with the colours of The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild!


  • Excellent value for money.
  • Detachable USB cable.
  • Precise triggers, nice grip.
  • 3 meters of wire.


  • Robustness to be seen.

4. ECHTPower

The Switch controller for small budgets

This model signed ECHTPower takes the shape and the layout of the keys of the Xbox One controller. The result is there: you quickly find your reflexes, and playing Zelda or Smash Bros. becomes even more fun! What's more, this wireless Switch controller has Bluetooth technology, and its connection with the console is remarkably stable. Last but not least, this controller has a battery life of almost 7 hours, and it only takes 2 hours to recharge! So you'll have plenty of time to explore Hyrule before it runs out of power.


  • Good key layout.
  • Responsive and accurate controls.
  • Balanced weight.
  • Good battery life.


  • Nothing to report.

5. Cardio Controller

The multi-function wireless Switch controller

To play with complete freedom, there's no secret: you'll need a wireless Switch controller. While Nintendo's Joy-Con is still the preferred choice, it's not the only one, and some models compete with ingenuity and innovation. LREGO's controller features a turbo function and an HD rumble. It is able to connect via Bluetooth up to a distance of 10 meters. In terms of autonomy, it can take up to 10 hours of use!


  • Cheap Switch controller.
  • Easy pairing.
  • Both comfortable and manageable.


  • Some software issues.
With these five controllers, you're all set to comfortably play any title on your Nintendo Switch. Don't like the Joy-Con for Doom? Switch to your traditional pad and you're done! One thing is certain, and all Switch owners will assure you: this kind of controller is essential.