Are you feeling like your career is in cruise control? Maybe it's time for you to get off the gas pedal and rev up your career like a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500.

You don't have to get a degree and provide psychology assignment help if you don’t like it. Instead, search for stimulating jobs that will stimulate your brain and give you a reason to wake up excited about the day ahead.

This could be a wake-up call to look into automotive careers or change your career to pursue these jobs for car enthusiasts.

It's a gamble. Sure. It is worth taking the chance. It is.

It is time to put an end to the mundane and focus on what you love, and move forward into a career that will bring about great results.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 automotive jobs that will draw any grease monkey.

1. Car dealer

Everyone can see your passion for something if you are passionate about it. Your passion eventually becomes contagious and other people get excited about the same thing. This is a wonderful characteristic of a car dealership.

A car dealer, also known as a salesperson will manage the entire transaction. The dealer will negotiate the price, explain financing options, and warranties, collect payments, test drive the car with customers and deliver the product.

A typical education for a car dealer is high-school. However, there are two more options: college finance coursework, public speaking, and specialized automotive technology training.

2. Autobody technician

After a car accident or another incident, an autobody technician will restore automobiles to their original condition. They use the most advanced tools to remove old parts, install new ones, fix scratches, fill holes, and reverse any damage.

This position includes preventive maintenance such as checking and testing cars, performing oil changes and engine tune-ups, washing automobiles, and replacing filters.

You have two options after obtaining your high school diploma: you can either apply for formal training or go on-the-job training. It might be more advantageous to get a trade education in today's market.

3. Car rental agent

Car rental agents combine their passion for cars, clerical skills, and sales-driven personalities.

They provide customer service for those who rent an automobile, whether it is a sedan or a luxury vehicle. The agent will handle the rental transaction, collect payments, resolve complaints, and check the car's condition before and after. Many entry-level jobs will involve cleaning cars and filling them with gasoline to make sure they are ready for their next client.

A high school diploma is the main requirement for this job. A high level of computer and data entry proficiency is a must.

4. Rideshare driver

Many motorists have made it a top choice to sign up for rideshare services like Uber, Lyft, or Turo. Although these types of jobs are not well-respected, many drivers continue to flock to these companies. You can't blame them. They offer flexibility, self-employment and the chance to see the best of the city.

It is not for everyone, however, as it requires exceptional driving skills, organization with mobile apps, basic accounting knowledge, and outstanding customer service.

You will need a driver's license, a vehicle with high functionality and a smartphone.

5. Assembly worker

Although assembly workers are still required to perform repetitive and backbreaking tasks, the process is now much more automated. We covered this in our 'The Future of Work’ study (PDF).

An auto factory worker put together vehicles, buses and trucks at specific workstations on an assembly line. They use a variety of tools such as power tools and welding equipment.

An equivalent GED or high school diploma is acceptable. It is an advantage to have formal training but many assembly plants offer on-the-job training for applicants who are willing to learn.

6. Auto designer

What's your dream car? If you are Homer Simpson, you will want a large beverage holder, bubble dome, and a horn that plays "La Cucaracha" in all directions.

Designers in the automotive industry are one of the most exciting employment opportunities. You can see your vision come alive. Engineers and car designers work together to create functional cars that are both attractive and affordable.

You will need to hold a degree from a university with at least four years of experience, and work experience.

7. Journalist

Journalism is a great career option if you are passionate about cars and have a knack for writing. Auto journalists can work for a newspaper, a blog or attend industry conferences. They also cover major expos.

A university degree is required, as well as communication skills (primarily written), and a portfolio that displays your work.

8. Driving instructor

A driving instructor is another position in automotive education that can pay high wages and make a difference in the future.

Driving instructors help students learn the rules of the road and teach safe driving habits. They also manage theory class times and provide information for students in emergency situations. The most important thing is to drive with students and determine if they are able to pass an official government-tested examination.

A majority of jurisdictions require a high school diploma. However, the main requirement is to obtain an instructor's license. Then, you need to get some training and work experience.

9. Auto appraiser

Many people will associate the role of an auto appraiser and the Fight Club cult classic. Your average car appraiser will not be involved in underground combat or becoming a nihilist. This is a reliable career that you can pursue since it involves the assessment of automobile damage following an accident in order to determine reasonable repair costs.

This role may involve travelling a lot to visit the accident scene, the body shop to inspect vehicles or the home of the motorist to assess the damage. Auto appraisers have job security in a world that is full of unpredictable careers.

10. Automotive engineer

The automotive engineer is perhaps the highest-paid job in the automotive industry. The car industry has changed a lot since the Model T of a century ago, and the Porsche Targa of the 1980s (which I consider to be the best Porsche model ever made). We have cameras, Bluetooth and satellite radio, as well as hybrid plug-in technology. It is clear that becoming an automotive engineer can be a rewarding career for car enthusiasts. They are vital sources of information in the automobile manufacturing process.

Automotive engineers don't want to stop learning and are always improving their skills. Because vehicles adapt to market demands and innovate to be the best, they must.

When will they develop a flying car? We get first dibs!


It shouldn't be difficult to find a job.

Although not everyone can become Jay Leno or have their own reality TV series about their collection, there are still many rewarding careers in the automotive industry. There are many automotive jobs that you can consider, whether it's under the hood of a BMW car or at Ford headquarters.