If you are bored of your old monotonous walls and want to paint them fresh, then budget might be one of the factors that you may be concerned about. Painting your walls with precise planning can save you a lot of costs. On the other hand, heedlessly painting them can cause unnecessary expenditure. If you follow some easy tips before painting your home, you’ll probably get the house painted with a low budget. You can also hire a professional to analyze your space and do the calculations beforehand. For your help, here are some of the best ways that you can follow to get your home painted at a low cost.

Accurately calculate the quantity of paint required- We often tend to buy cans of paints without calculating the actual requirement. Eventually, not all cans are used, and we find that we have wasted our money. However, one small tip is to use the paint calculator that is available online, which calculates the correct quantity of paint required according to the size of your walls; it also provides a reasonable estimation of the total cost that you have to incur. Using such intelligent tools is one of the good ideas to get your home painted wisely.

Evaluate the options- Don’t we evaluate products before buying; similarly, we should do the same before buying paints. With so many brands competing in the market, it becomes necessary to assess the price list of various brands. For instance, you can compare Berger paints price list with Asian paints or Nerolac paints price list. The more options you explore, chances are higher that you will end up deciding on the most affordable of them all. You can also find these price lists readily available online, saving you lots of time that could have been wasted visiting the store.

Know what properties you require in your paints- Different paints come with different properties, and depending on these properties, the cost of the colours varies. While some colours are smooth and lustrous, others might be matte or textured. It is essential that you know your budget and, accordingly, choose what type of paint will be best suitable for your space. Your budget changes according to the property you want your wall paints to have. According to the budget, some might go for standard colours, and others prefer higher quality paint. These properties of colours are available in various brands like Nerolac paints, Asian paints, Indigo paints, Nippon paints, etc.

Analyze the condition of walls- It is generally noticed that people get the walls of their homes painted without studying the condition of the walls. Skipping the step of waterproofing the walls before painting often causes the new wall painting to last for a brief time leading to frequently getting the walls painted and spending more. Instead, if you check for the conditions once before getting the walls painted, the newly applied wall paint would last longer and be worth spending your money on. To have a good wall painting experience for your home, you must protect your walls from the damage caused by water.

Usage of primer is not required all the time- If you choose the paints wisely, most of them come with a self-priming feature. It is a myth that you should always use a primer before painting. However, if you intend to paint a dark wall in the shade with a light colour shade, then you will have to use a primer; that too, an affordable primer would work equally like the expensive ones. Also, if the wall is too rough, the need for primer may arise. Apart from these situations, applying the primer and increasing your cost is definitely not vital.

If cost was keeping you waiting to get your home painted, you must use these tips and get the wall painting done at a systematically planned budget.