Whenever you are injured in a road accident, out of the driver's recklessness, you have the rights and obligation to submit the claims to the court. And therefore, a similar procedure should be followed whenever you suffer injuries from careless boating.

Boating accidents can cause catastrophic injuries similar to those experienced in road accidents. And therefore, an equal force should be applied when ruling out boat accident claims as it is for road accident claims. The ruling of boating accident claims is decided under maritime law.

Florida has the highest number of vessels in the United States and is, therefore, more prone to accidents. And thus, if you are injured in a boating accident in Florida, you should report to any state court in the region or the United States admiralty courts.

Where Is Maritime Law Applicable?

All Accident claims on any navigable water are referred to as admiralty claims, and all associated claims are ruled under maritime law. Contrary to days before, such claims would fall under the general laws of the land. In the past maritime law only applied to passengers and cargo ships. Today the law also covers accidents involving recreational vessels and cruise ships used to ferry tourists.

What You Need To Know Before Filling a Boat Accident Claim

Maritime law will apply Depending on the circumstance under which the accident occurred. When making a boat accident claim, some factors to consider are nature and, more importantly, where the accident occurred. Florida Waters, such as the gulf waterways, are considered navigable and are covered by maritime law.

The cause of a boat accident is also a factor to consider before filling in a claim; some accidents result from the boat's technical issues, carelessness of the boat operator, sub-standard boat manufacture, and improper fixing of technical faults, among other causes.

Some boat users also decide to hire a boat for recreational purposes, even when they do not have the required training to operate it; some sail to unnavigable zones and ride to overcrowded areas. Accidents can occur due to collisions with other boats or hitting the swimmers. In such circumstances, the ruling of the maritime law is different.

Factors That a Knowledgeable Boat Accidents Lawyer address

A skilled lawyer can determine the circumstances under which the accident occurred, its relationship with other parties, and the potential of the accident to alter businesses. The lawyer can determine whether the boat accident has the evidential weight to be heard by the panel.

The lawyer knows the responsibility of the insurance companies regarding the case and the possible disagreement that may arise along the way. In that way, the lawyer is in a position to advise the client whether the loss can be compensated. And the maritime law applicable to the boat owner, the insurance company, and the passenger should also be well articulated.


Maritime law gives a clear direction when ruling out even the most complicated sea vessel cases. The law clearly describes the boat operator, the vessel's passengers, the incident's relationship with other parties, and the prevailing weather condition that might have led to the accident. If you or your loved one is caught up in a boat-related accident, it is advisable to seek a boat accident lawyer to help you pursue justice.