Most people depend on WiFi connections in the current generation because they rely on virtual jobs and have to maintain contact communication with their family and friends. Slow internet is much more intimidating. Don't worry; there are many hacks and possible solutions. But then, not all of them will solve your issues. Some tips are not genuine, and others are expensive.

We will give you a good guide on increasing your WiFi speed without spending much time and money trying to understand how your router operates. We mentioned all the potential causes, from your router and gadgets to your browser, including your internet provider.

First, you need to secure your connection with a VPN

Installing proper software is quite essential not only to protect your private information but also to improve your internet connection. VPN is software that secures your personal information and secures your WiFi connection. Most routers are compatible with VPN software. Therefore you can install it to increase your router's efficiency.

Consider using the VPN to protect your online activity from malware. Install a VPN on router to protect your connection. VeePN Chrome extension is also significant because it secures your connection and allows you to stream content from other regions. Using VPN offers you a lasting solution against cyber criminals. After downloading the app and installing a VeePN extension for chrome, you will automatically get a new IP address to secure your connection. VPN offers first-time users a fast, free VPN for trial. Ensure that you are using the best VPN for PC so that it serves all your interests.

Have you ever known how to increase WiFi internet speed? Here are some tips to make your WiFi faster.

1. Reposition your router

This is an easy trick—did you put your router in some space in your living room? You need to change its location.

Your internet speed will reduce if you can't get enough WiFi signal from your WiFi router. Get a better position for your router in the middle of your room, most probably a place where you can hang your router. If you take most of your time on the first floor of your living room, let your router stay on the same level.

2. Block those ads

Most content providers display their content for advertisement. Almost all online content automatically displays ads, GIFs, pictures, and videos.

3. Use an Ethernet Cable

In most instances, we tend to forget that wires still exist! You don't need WiFi. A wired connection to your router is usually more efficient than the wireless option. It has fast speeds and can't be affected by other devices. The only disadvantage is that it limits other devices and is less convenient.

4. Upgrade to faster internet

While we think these solutions will help you, sometimes your internet connection becomes too slow to satisfy your needs. If you have this issue, upgrade to better plans for faster speeds.

5. Prune unnecessary connections
If your bandwidth is running low, disconnect all other devices which are not functional. All connected devices should be essential.

Changing your WiFi password and rebooting your router is the best way to disconnect other devices. You will therefore need a password to log every device. Doing this will remove all unnecessary connections like emergency phones which get daily updates.

6. Consider your data cap.

Data caps are among the leading causes of slow internet speeds. ISPs fail to advertise their data caps for some reasons, but your connection will be affected.

Using a data cap means you are limited to a certain amount of monthly data. Your ISP will significantly reduce your internet speeds if you exceed your data limit.

7. Check the cable connection and Do a Line Test.

If you don't find the right solution, contact the manufacturer and request a cable and line test. This means that the company will send a representative to fix your problem, and this will incur you some charges.

But you will eventually discover the underlying problem. For instance, your cables on the roof might have been chewed by rats. It won't be easy to know this without a proper investigation.

8. Give your router a break

It is essential to give your router a break after a given duration to refresh your connection. If you find out that you experience unusual upload and download problems, reset your router to increase its efficiency.

9. Find your router/ISP's best settings.

Most people don't believe they can change their routers' settings. Routers use default settings, but this doesn't mean they can't change them. You can make changes to make it have faster speeds.

10. Purchase a newer high-end router

The main problem leading to slow connection may be your old router. You will have more benefits by purchasing a new router; therefore, invest in a better relationship.

Do WiFi boosters increase internet speed?

WiFi boosters extend your signal reach and improve your connection's speeds.
Will a signal booster improve internet speed?

Signal booster increases mobile data speeds and makes your calls crystal clear.

Wrapping up

Slow internet speeds are very frustrating – but thankfully, there are possible solutions to help you. Consider using a VeePN to enjoy unlimited access to all content in any location.

Hopefully, one of the tips will help solve your problems.