Owning and maintaining a vacation rental property can be a lucrative venture. To be successful, however, you have to ensure that you have a steady stream of guests. If you're looking for tips on attracting more guests to your vacation rental property, you've come to the right place. Keep reading for great advice on making you're rental stand out.

Advertise the amenities of your property accurately.

amenities of your property

When advertising your vacation rental property, it is essential to describe the features and amenities accurately. This will help potential guests decide if your property is a good fit. You may want to include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the size of the property, whether there is air conditioning, what type of furniture and appliances are included, and any special features or amenities your property has. If you have a pool or hot tub on site, be sure to mention that also. You can attract more guests by providing accurate information about your vacation rental property. For example, people who love the outdoors can have a great time vacationing at a rental property near plenty of outdoor activities. If you are advertising your vacation rental property, consider showcasing its proximity to popular outdoor destinations and activities. Be sure to highlight your property as a part of vacation ideas for people who love the outdoors.

Online advertising is one of the most efficient and effective ways to draw guests to your vacation rental property. By placing ads on websites that are frequented by people who are interested in travelling, you can reach a large number of potential guests who may be interested in booking your property. Additionally, online advertising allows you to target your audience by specifying the location of your property and the dates for which it is available. This ensures that only people who are likely interested in renting your property will see your ad.

Upload high-quality photos of your property.


You make a great first impression on potential guests when you upload high-quality photos of your vacation rental property. Images are one of the most critical factors that guests consider when deciding whether or not to book a property, so it’s essential to ensure they are accurate and enticing.

Use a good camera and natural light to take high-quality photos of your property. Try to avoid taking pictures in the middle of the day, when the sun is at its strongest; instead, bring them in the morning or evening when the light is softer. If possible, shoot outdoors in an open space with lots of natural scenery in the background. This will help create a more appealing and inviting atmosphere for potential guests.

Include shots of all areas of the property, both inside and out. Be sure to showcase any unique features or amenities your property offers, such as a pool or ocean view. If you have any professional photographs taken of your property, be sure to include them as well – these can help boost interest in your listing.

Remember to keep your photos updated as you make changes or renovations to your property – nothing is more frustrating for potential guests than clicking through dozens of outdated images! By regularly uploading high-quality photos, you can ensure that interested guests always have an accurate representation of what your vacation rental has to offer.

Respond to inquiries promptly.


Most vacation rental property managers stress the importance of promptly responding to inquiries. This is because many guests will move on to another listing if they do not receive a response within 24 hours. Guests also appreciate it when hosts communicate and provide updates about their stay.

There are a few key things you can do to ensure that you can respond to inquiries promptly. You can keep your calendar up-to-date to easily see what dates are available. Additionally, you can have someone who can help manage your inbox and answer any questions from guests. You should also be prepared to provide information such as rates, amenities, and pictures of the property right away.

Consider using a rental management company.

If you want to increase the traffic to your rental property, vacation rental management companies might be the way to go. These companies have attractive and well-maintained websites for listing your property, and they get hundreds of visitors each day. The company can also market the property through online travel agencies, other booking sites, and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. They can also work with local tourism boards to promote the area in which the property is located. Professional management companies have the resources and experience to market and rent your property.

There are many ways to increase traffic to your vacation rental property, but using the right marketing tools is essential. Overall, using various methods to promote your rental and following up with potential guests is vital to attracting more business.