TikTok has brought many changes into the media, but we don't discuss how video production has changed enough. The answer is massive. Today, the world is becoming even more fast-paced from the video perspective.

As consumers, we want to see short, engaging pieces easy to scroll and digest. The head of these changes is our buddy TikTok.

Everybody who works closely with content creation may have noticed how tired audiences are of long videos. And one Chinese social media has used this knowledge and has decided on the future of videomakers (and maybe filmmakers too).

It is enough to create an excellent video and get results to open one or two apps and use systems like Goviral.Pro, and to wait for engagement. But how exactly has TikTok changed media production forever?

by the Tech Radar

How To Produce and Edit a Video in the TikTok App

With TikTok, creators do not leave the app to edit a video. They can do everything while shooting. It takes less time than having ten different products on their devices, trying to add sounds in the first, cut a video in the second, and connect everything in the third.

And we all know that video editing apps are pretty expensive.

It is precisely how TikTok has simplified video production for modern creators. One single app gives you access to all imaginable features that help create content that keeps audiences engaged.

For example, to add music to your TikTok, it is enough to explore the feature “Sounds”, which adds any sound you want to your video. You can cut it, change it, and do anything you want.

Size Matters: Short Videos are the Best Videos

As we can see, short-form videos are taking over the world. The rule is:

If you can keep it short, keep it short.

Shortcuts have been popular since the start of the 21st Century. Vine, the almost forgotten great-great-grandfather of TikTok, had one main rule: videos must be 6 seconds long. And it is how we, as content consumers get used to the shortened video production.

It affected the whole industry profoundly. Now to succeed on social media platforms, videos must be short. Viewers have no time to spend on the unreasonable long content.

Make TikTok Your “Power Tool” for Editing

The most successful video makers remain sceptical of TikTok. If a creator can use more advanced tools, it is excellent! The quality of the professional products will be much better than with TT!

But if the job involves creating a lot of content simultaneously, why ignore such a powerful app as TikTok? For free, you can get a whole bunch of easy-to-use tools which help to produce a lot and not be fooled!